Tile Options for Luxury Swimming Pools

Luxury swimming pool

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Any swimming pool would look dull and dry without proper floor tiles.

Over the years, the role of tile in luxury swimming pools has expanded into a wide range of applications.

As pool designs expanded from the traditional rectangular pools to a lot of different custom designs with highly attractive water features, integration of tiles has also experienced a complete transformation.

If you think that choosing tiles for your swimming pool involves only the selection of aesthetics, color and design, you are wrong.

There are a lot more aspects to be considered before selecting a tile design.

Before we move on to discussing the different tile options for luxury swimming pools, here are some tips to ensure that you make the right choice:

  • Create a budget: Even if you are planning on having a luxury pool, there has to be a specific budget.

Having a budget will help you choose the right type of tile for your pool because the more sophisticated the design, the more will be its price.

  • Look for lifetime guarantee: Changing your pool tiles every time there is damage will be very expensive.

To prevent this waste of money, choose tiles that come with a lifetime guarantee against color fading and damage.

  • Plan out safety: It is vital that you choose slip resistant tiles for the areas right outside the water. This will help ensure safety in your poolside.
  • Choosing colors: Swimming pool tiles are usually white or blue in color to reflect light and make the pool more appealing.

To make sure that the depth of your pool is visible, avoid using dark colored tiles. Creative patterns, contrast bands, etc. can be used for additional effect.

  • Get samples: Before you make your final order for your luxury pool tiles, get samples from your contractor, dealer or supplier to check how it looks in your designated area.

Luxury Swimming Pool Tile Choices

When it comes to tile options for luxury swimming pools, you can choose between three main finishes: porcelain or ceramic, natural stone, and glass.

Porcelain and Ceramic Finishes

Ceramic Tile Pool

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Porcelain and ceramic tile finishes have been into existence for several years and happen to be staples in luxury pool tile options.

These tile finishes are the least expensive options available out there. These tiles can be created into a mosaic or even hand-painted to create beautiful and intricate designs.

You can also choose between glazed and textured porcelain tiles, the former for their bright and eye-catching accents and the latter for their ability to complement the encircling landscape.

If you are looking to make custom changes to your luxury pool or add decorative accents without taking your budget too far, porcelain and ceramic tiles would be the perfect choice.

Natural Stone Finishes

Natural Stone Tile Finish

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If you are after a more natural look and like to have a textured feel in your luxury pool, stone tile finishes should be your choice.

You can use large format stone tiles on your deck or patio and have it integrate with the coping (the pool deck’s edge that hangs over the waterline tile) to obtain a consistent look.

Natural stone finishes will also be best suited for Mediterranean or classic luxury pool designs.

If you have a large space assigned for your pool, having natural stone tiles will be an affordable option. Additionally, these tiles have the ability to maintain heat and provide slip-resistance as well.

When you hire leading luxury pool designers, you can be sure that stones for your pool are sourced from around the world and are of best quality.

Today, some of the most popular stone tile elements include bluestone, sandstone, cobblestones, pavers, granite, and limestone.

While materials like granite are relatively expensive, they do deliver a rich and polished look, which will be perfect for luxury pools.

Glass Finishes

Glass Tile Pool

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Glass tile finishes have become the most popular choice for luxury pools in recent years, and of course, these tiles are the most expensive option available today.

If you happen to be on a strict budget, you can choose to have a different tile finish or type, incorporating colors or patterns with glass tiles in between.

What makes this tile option even more attractive is the fact that they can be manufactured from recycled materials.

Glass tiles are also nonporous, durable, and can be constructed into different shapes to create effects of your liking.

If you are looking for outstanding depth, color, shine and clarity, you need to choose high end glass tiles.

The finished look and feel that you get from high end glass tiles will be significantly different and more compelling than any other finish.

No matter which of these tile finishes you choose, proper research, right contractors, and attention to detail will result in the best looking luxury swimming pool for your home.

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