Summer Escapes Pool Reviews

If you would like to try out a different brand of swimming pools apart from your usual intex pool, then you can probably try summer escapes pools. They are way cheaper when compared to intex pools so if you are on a tight budget but would still love to have a pool, I would recommend this. Although these pools do not come highly rated by most reviewers, it would be nice to give this brand a try as there are some other reviewers with very positive reviews on the same. Here are some of the summer escapes pool reviews should you be interested in their swimming pools.

Summer Escapes 10-Feet-by-30-Inch Quick Set Ring Pool

Summer Escapes 10-Feet-by-30-Inch Quick Set Ring Pool
This summer escapes pool is quite easy to set up. Although the pump doesn’t move much water as expected, it does have an in built chlorine dispenser that seems to work perfectly fine. The pool has a pretty strong pool vinyl on the sides and the bottom is a bit heavy duty. It’s actually thicker when compared to most other small pools. This is a pool that will last you several seasons as it doesn’t tear and wear easily. The pool comes with very easy to replace filter cartridges, quick set ring pool set with RP600 pump with GFCI protection.
It’s big enough to fit an adult and two children. In addition, cleaning the pool is simple with an all in one chlorine cleaner and turning the pool filter twice in a week would be okay.

The only shortcoming with the pool is the installation directions. It doesn’t explain to the consumer that one has to lubricate the “O” rings in the hose attachments with some petroleum jelly until you are almost done with directions. If you fail to properly lubricate the O rings, they are not water tight and you may realize some water dripping from the connector gasket that’s attached to the wall. The water leaked may not be a lot but it will make the ground beside a bit soggy. Other than that, this is an inexpensive pool that doesn’t increase your water and electricity bill.
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Summer Escapes 18 x 48 Round Pool with 1000 GPH Skimmer Filter

The Summer Escapes 18 x 48 Round Pool with 1000 GPH Skimmer Filter has a triple-layer PVC shell that has polyester inner mesh sidewalls. It also has a laminated band that supports the walls further. This pool kit comes with a pump/filter/skimmer system; maintenance supplies, pool cover, ground cloth and ladder.
However, the pool doesn’t live up to expectations. A reviewer reported that the liner started leaking immediately water was filled in the pool while the pump and the replacement broke soon after. The leaks started to show up the moment water got filled while the ladder that comes with the pool is too short. The paint of this pool doesn’t last long either. It will likely come off during the first season of use. The company also has poor customer service as one cannot get replacement parts during winter since the company only produces parts in the warmer months. It’s also extremely difficult to find replacement parts for the filter pump system.

The summer escapes pool looks like intex metal frame pools in appearance. However, the number of negative reviews on this particular product is higher than the positive reviews thus making us question the actual quality of the pool.

Reviewers commend the easy; no tools assembly of this pool as it’s a one person job that will take several hours or a 4 person job that is super fast. Other than its easy set up, the Summer Escapes 18 x 48 Round Pool with 1000 GPH Skimmer Filter will leave you terribly disappointed.
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Summer Escapes Above Ground Family Swimming Pool 10′ X 30″ Metal Frame

Summer Escapes Above Ground Family Swimming Pool 10' X 30" Metal Frame
This pool has a quick connect system for simple set up. The sidewalls are strong as they are constructed with PolystrengthTM PVC. The summer escapes above ground family swimming pool 10′ x 30″ metal frame has an easy to replace filter cartridge with a convenient quick release drain plug with a garden hose connection. One can easily drain it off water and store it during the cold months if you want it to serve you for several seasons. It can hold up to 1,100 gallons/4,163 liters when filled to capacity. This pool comes with a D type filter cartridge with an inbuilt chlorinator that makes use of one inch tablets and one skimmer PlusTM Filter Pump system with GFCI protection. It’s just the perfect size for a family and the design is high quality. The only downside of this pool is that if you intend to take it down either to move it or store it for use in the warmer months, it’s extremely difficult to remove the plastic pins that hold the tubing together.
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Summer Escapes 15 x 42 Quick Set Swimming Pool Set

Summer Escapes 15 x 42 Quick Set Swimming Pool Set
For its price, I would say it’s a great pool to have. It comes with a strong and durable ladder. The sidewalls are constructed with three different layers of material making them extremely tough and durable. Furthermore, the cover has a drawstring to ensure it remains on the pool. You will need to place your pool on a level surface especially if you don’t want surprises when the kids are swimming.

This pool is quite strong and if well taken care of, will serve you and your family for several seasons. It’s also big enough to accommodate two adults and two kids. The pool holds a maximum capacity of 3374 gallon capacity. It has a 24 inches wall height when it’s full of water and the top ring is inflated. This swimming pool can be set up and get ready for water within 15 minutes.

However, the pump that comes with this swimming pool set is completely useless and won’t help you any much. You will need to upgrade it. Another problem with the pool is the awkward hose size which doesn’t seem to match with the pool.
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Summer Escapes 15′ Quick Set Above Ground Ring Pool with Pump with GFCI

Summer Escapes 15' Quick Set Above Ground Ring Pool with Pump with GFCI
If you plan to use this pool for just one season or two, then it will not do you any harm if you bought this one. It will comfortably accommodate all your family and you can have lots of fun in this summer escapes quick set ring pool. It comes with a pool pump that includes a filter cartridge with an inbuilt chlorinator. The manufactures claim that it’s made with durable materials but this is far from it. It doesn’t last long. It’s simple and fast to install and will be ready for use within minutes. The downside of this pool is that it can really be difficult to change a hose or even add a skimmer. Before you set up your pool, it’s important that you level the ground so that water does not fill unevenly and put more stress on the pool liner. The filter is really weak and you will have to rinse it frequently each week. You will also need to do a lot of surface skimming to keep your pool as clean as possible. Overall, for the price, it would not do so much harm to your budget if it only lasted for a season.
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So there you have it. What’s your experience with summer escapes pools? We would love to hear from you…

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