Pool Technology and Safety Upgrades

The swimming pool industry now has a lot of manufacturers who constantly focus on designing and delivering products and services that make swimming pool ownership as easy and fun as possible.

In recent years, there has been a huge flow of new technologies incorporated into various swimming pool upgrades.

If you are planning on remodeling your pool, or just building one, this is your chance to perform pool technology and safety upgrades.

Technology Upgrades

Here are some important technology upgrades you shouldn’t forget to have:

Pool Covers

Pool Covers

Source: Pool Cover Pros Inc.

Installing a good pool cover on your inground or aboveground pool will help save water and energy.

As most pool owners might be aware, a quality pool cover has the ability to keep the pool water around 10 degrees warmer, and this can reduce energy costs during summer by up to 90 percent.

In addition, a pool cover can also bring down the evaporation of water by a significant percentage, thus helping you conserve several gallons of water on a monthly basis.

One of the most obvious benefits of using a pool cover is that it prevents your pool from getting dirty with leaves, sand, and other debris.

When your pool is clean, the need to run your pool filter pump will get reduced, which in turn will help save more energy.


Pool Pumps

Source: AQUA Magazine

The next upgrade you can do to your swimming pool is by installing a smaller pump with higher efficiency.

Such pumps will be able to maintain the temperature of your pool water at a comfortable range at all times and also enable you to save energy.

An energy efficient pump will be designed to use less energy than a standard pump, and you will definitely see the difference after a season.

Today, pool pumps are available in different models: two-speed, four-speed, and also variable-speed.

The advantage of these models is that you can easily reduce the speed of the pump for daily use and save a lot of energy, and change the settings back to high during cleaning.

While you are at upgrading your pool pump, also remember to have an automatic timer installed for the pump, and also for the pool heater if possible.

With an automatic timer, you can run the equipment in numerous short rounds throughout the day rather than operating them continuously for hours.

Saltwater Pool System

Salt Water Pool System

Source: Intex

Many pool owners have started to include a saltwater pool system with their pool remodeling project for the various benefits they get to enjoy from a saltwater pool.

Apart from the fact that this is a more natural pool option, with a saltwater system, you will no longer have to use or store a lot of chemicals.

Also, saltwater pools are known to require relatively less maintenance.

Yes, you will have to spend more upfront for this remodeling project. However, as the running costs get reduced over time, your investment will be totally worth it.

Contrary to the usual chlorinated swimming pools, saltwater pools are beneficial for your physical wellbeing as well, as the water is known to be softer on the skin, reduce itchy skin, red eyes, and more.

Safety Upgrades

While there may be several reasons for a pool owner to decide on remodeling their pool, one of the major reasons would be to upgrade the structure with more safety features.

To make your pool site safer, following are some additions you can make:

Safety Nets

Pool Safety Net

Source: Aqua-Net

Adding safety nets to your pool will not only make your poolside safe and secure, but will also widen the available space.

Pool nets are especially safe for homes with children, as they cannot go under or climb over the net like they could some fences.

A pool safety net is also extremely easy to place and remove and will require only a few minutes of your time.

Pool Fences

Pool Fences

Source: Babyguardfence.com

Apparently, pool fences happen to be the most commonly used items to ensure safety poolside.

They are available in materials like wood, steel, aluminum, and composite.

Most fences are designed to be childproof and come with a gate that can be locked.

With pool fences, you have two options: temporary and permanent fences.

While permanent fences are the best and recommended option, you can also choose to have a temporary fence whenever there are kids at your home.

Ladders and Lifts

Pool Lift

Source: Spinlife.com

A swimming pool should be made enjoyable for everyone.

If you have older adults, disabled or injured family members or friends, you can remodel your pool and add equipment that allows them to enjoy the pool as well.

You can add ramps, ladders, or lifts along the edge of the pool to make entry and exit easy.

Anti-Entrapment Equipment

Anti-entrapment equipment

Source: Doheny’s

Anti-entrapment equipment is one of the latest and more essential safety features you should add to your pool.

This device enables you to defeat the hidden dangers of a swimming pool by protecting your family, including children, from pump suction entrapment.

The basic job of the device is to prevent limbs, hair, and other body parts from getting sucked by a pool drain.

With these technology and safety upgrades, you can make your swimming pool more energy efficient as well as safe and secure for years to come.

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