Why Is My Pool Cloudy? 2019 Tips On How To Clear Cloudy Pool Water

A cloudy pool can easily transform the most magnificent and expensive pool into an annoying eyesore. It can cause swollen eyes to the people swimming. It also leads to short filter cycles which need regular cartridge cleaning. A cloudy pool can be extremely difficult and time consuming to clear. Sometimes, your pool can turn cloudy overnight! Cloudy water can happen to any pool even those that are well maintained. There are many factors that contribute to cloudy water.

Why Is My Pool Cloudy?

Pool chemicals

Imbalanced amounts of pool chemicals may make your water cloudy. This includes high alkalinity, high or low chlorine levels or any other sanitizers you use in your pool, high pH, and high calcium hardness levels. Without the right chemical balances, unwanted particles and contaminates multiply in the water.

Filtration problems

If your filter system is faulty, or you are not running your filter as required, (8 to 10 hours daily ), then your pool is likely to get cloudy. The purpose of a system filter is to constantly clean pool water. If you do not use it properly, your water becomes stagnant making it to turn cloudy.

The environment

What surrounds your pool can easily cause your water to get cloudy, that includes birds, trees, a lot of rain or pollen, construction, sun, people, weather, and alive or dead pool algae.

Pool shocking

Sometimes your pool water turns cloudy after shocking. This is quite common and it becomes unclouded on its own after some time. You should, however, keep your filter running so that it can easily clear up.

How To Clear Cloudy Pool Water?

Once you are aware of what can cause a cloudy pool, you can now work at fixing your cloudy water. Here are several ways on how to clear cloudy water in your pool. But before trying any of them, it is important to test the pool water using a home test kit to make sure that all the chemicals are properly balanced. It’s important to address any chemical imbalances because it might be the reason why your pool water is cloudy.

Use a Pool Clarifier

pool water clarifier for pool water cloudy fixUsing some sort of pool water clarifier on your pool weekly is very important. Pool clarifiers work by collecting those tiny particles that are causing your pool water to get cloudy and binds them together to form larger particles so that the filter can pick them up. This is what is referred to as a coagulant which is a term used when explaining blood clots. The tiny particles are difficult to get collected by the pool filter so a pool clarifier “clots” them together and the pool filter is now able to trap them. You can get a swimming pool clarifier from most swimming pool chemical retailers. Just confirm with the person selling whether the chemical is a coagulant and you will be on your way to a clear swimming pool.

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Use Pool Floc

This chemical, also known as a Flocculant, is great if you want your pool to clear very fast. A Pool Floc can transform the cloudiest swimming pool crystal clear overnight, but you will need to work hard to achieve the desired results. Flocking your swimming pool is a great way of clearing cloudy water, but its extremely labor intensive and time consuming. A pool flocculant works by assembling all the small particles that make your water cloudy and settling them at the bottom of your swimming pool thus, forming a big cloud at the floor of the swimming pool.

Different from a water clarifier, pool flocculants do not assist the filter to gather the tiny particles because they are all collected at the bottom of the pool. When all the particles are settled at the bottom, you then manually vacuum up that cloud at the floor with a manual pump. An automatic pool cleaner cannot be used because it will just blow up the cloud of particles on the floor of the pool back up.

best Pool vacuum for clear cloudy pool waterWhen vacuuming your pool, make sure that the filter is set on the waste or backwash option. In case you are using a cartridge filter, the drain plug should be removed. The plan here is to vacuum up all the cloudy water out of your pool because if you pass a lot of dirty water through the filter, it may malfunction and the dirty water will flow back into the pool. By vacuuming out the dirt in your pool, it does not run through the filter system. Doing this will result to excessive water loss in the pool so ensure there is fresh water getting into your pool during the vacuuming process. Again, this process is difficult and there is a lot of water wastage, but your swimming pool gets clear within 24hours if it’s done properly.

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The main skimmer of a swimming pool is usually placed at the top and assists in clearing the top area which cannot help in collecting cloudy particles at the floor of the pool. With this knowledge, you should assist the filter in gathering those tiny particles. You can achieve that by stirring up the water constantly using a pool brush so that the particles are pushed to the top of the pool. You can also turn the bottom drains on. All in-ground pools should have one or two bottom drains so that they can easily be utilized. This allowimage of cloudypoolwaters the filter to pull water from the floor of the pool where most of the cloudy particles are and allow the flow of clean water to the top of the pool.

If you have an above the ground pool, just hook your manual vacuum cleaner like you want to vacuum the pool, but instead, place the vacuum at the center of the floor of the pool and let it stay upside down. The pool filter will pull water from the floor of the swimming pool using the manual vacuum and release the filtered clean water at the top of the pool leaving you with a crystal clear swimming pool.

Pool Water Cloudy Problem Solved?

If you encounter a cloudy pool don’t give up. Try the above suggestions and you will have clean sparkling water that is so enjoyable you won’t want to get out. You do not have to spend a lot of money to clear your cloudy pool water. Th above tips will work wonders if done correctly.

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