How much does a swimming pool cost? Learn more

swimming pool 3One of the first questions that pool shoppers ask themselves as they begin with the buying process is, how much does a swimming pool cost? What are the expected prices of for different types of pools? Unfortunately, majority of them run into a road block as they research online since there are numerous misleading information regarding this topic. This article seeks to answer these important questions, but you need to keep in mind that pool costs can vary from region to region.


There are two types of pools: in-ground and above-ground poolsand every pool come with different price considerations. According to P.K Data, the average cost of a 19’ diameter above ground pool is $6,243 while the average cost of a 32’ inchx16’ in-ground pool is about $21,919. With this in mind, even as you proceed to learn about the costs of swimming pools, you now have an idea of the type of pool you want installed depending on your money and preferences.


Can you install any of the above pools on your own?

While some manufacturers insist that experienced home-owners can feasibly build the pool on their own, generally, it is advisable that you pay a professional to do this for you. This is because many of pool installers offer a 3 year warranty or lifespan which translates to big amount of financial commitment for a short-term feature.


Cost getaway

Typical cost and materials necessary to have a professionally installed swimming pool include:


Above ground pool

above ground poolAbove ground pools are sold as a kit or by professional pool companies, and they will require some site preparations that may include leveling the area and provide access to electrical service. In addition to that, you need to remember that your pool will need the best pool pump to ensure that water is circulated and cleaned, and these pumps are usually powered by electricity. The costs of the above-ground pools have been addressed since many of these pools will come with filter system, pumps, and even ladders, which mean you may save more.


In-ground pools

swimming pool 2When pools are built in in-ground pool models the cost will automatically be high compared to the above-ground pools. This is due to the fact that site preparation is expensive and materials are also significant. Many of the in-ground pools begin with a liner, and can be made from vinyl or fiberglass. Vinyl is the least expensive with a standard of $18,000 when compared to the fiberglass which bumps up the cost to $20,000 exclusive of installation costs. There are concrete and granite pools which calls for $20,000 to $50,000 to install. In addition to that, many of in-ground pools require surrounding patio installation and also needs fencing, which is a law requirement in many areas of the world.


Additional considerations and costs


In addition to the pumps, filters, and ladders, both types of pools need pool cleaning tools such as brushes, covers, vacuum assemblies, and chemicals. Some of them will need handrails, thermometers and even heaters. These additional costs start at roughly $400 and even go up to thousands.



Between chlorine, pH testing and other materials, an average pool owner spends roughly $80 per month for above-ground pools and 495 per month for in-ground swimming pools.


Swimming pool costs differ from region to region and also from company to company. The best thing to do is to compare different options and choose the one that fits your financial status and preferences. This way you will be able to make an informed decision and have a great swimming experience.

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