Intex Ultra Frame Pool Reviews

Intex ultra frame pools are easy to assemble, durable, beautiful and meant to provide your family with years of fun. Intex Ultra frame pools are constructed with strong components that comprise of powder-coated and galvanized, rust resistant frames. The tough 3-ply liners are great at resisting punctures, UV rays and harsh chemicals. If you are looking for an above ground pool that will last you several years not just a single season, then we highly recommend the intex ultra frame pool as the best investment. These pools come with detailed instructions and everything else you need to know at an affordable price.

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Intex Ultra Frame Pool Reviews

Features of Intex Ultra Frame Pool

This pool comes in a stylish and modern design from the ladder, pool cover and even the ground cloth. But even with the improved design, you will not have to deal with complicated assembly. It’s still simple and most people will be able to set up the pool on their own without any professional help. The most important thing is to prepare and level the ground before assembly to prevent any potential problems that may arise when setting up the above ground pool. If you have done that, set up is a breeze. All you will have to do is lay out your pool liner on the already leveled ground, assemble the intex ultra frame pool, fill it with water and have fun with your family. In addition, there are various sizes, shapes and packages with intex ultra frame pool to fit different budgets and needs.
Other sizes available:
• 16 x 48
• 18 x 52

• 24 x 12 x 52
• 32 x 16 x 52

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Assembly

intex round pool
Assembling your intex ultra frame pool is a straightforward process. Before you assemble the pool, ensure the ground where you intend to place the pool is well leveled. Next, you will need to place your ground cloth on the ground. This helps in protecting the liner from any punctures. Ensure you stretch it on the tarp and then join the rails of the pool together. Bear in mind that filling the pool with water may take up more of your time than the actual assembly depending on the size of the pool. For extra protection on your above ground pool liner, consider a gorilla floor pad. This pool comes with a 120V 1200 GPH filter pump with GFCI but maintaining clean water requires some effort on your part.

Begin filling your pool and work out any wrinkles on the bottom while at the same time covering the floor of the pool with water. It’s important to get rid of wrinkles in your intex ultra frame so that you do not have any problems later on. Be keen on the edges of your pool. If they are not well leveled, your pool walls will have minimal support and will likely cause the pool walls to fall in the long run.

Pros of the intex ultra pool frame

intex rectangular  pool
• Setting up these pools is simple and fast. A lot of reviewers say that preparing and filling the pool with water will actually take more time than the actual assembly process.
• Although it may be more difficult than the easy set model, you can disassemble this pool frame and store it during the winter season so as to prolong its life.
• When compared to the intex easy set or intex metal frame models, the intex ultra pool frame is more durable and strong. It will more likely serve you for several years.


• A lot of reviewers say that the ladder that comes with the intex ultra pool frame is not strong enough.
• Although this is not actually a con, it’s important that one levels the ground properly before assembly. These increases the total time spend in preparation.

What we suggest

intex pool
• A lot of reviewers suggest that you buy a salt water system when buying your pool. This system highly cuts down your maintenance costs and also helps in cutting back the chemicals you need to use in your pool. Though it may be expensive upfront, it will save you lots of money later on. It’s also important that you select the proper system for your pool size and model.
• Consider upgrading your pool ladder to more stronger above ground pool steps
• A solar pool cover will enable you to enjoy your intex ultra frame even in the cooler months.

Is buying an intex ultra frame pool a good choice?

The intex ultra frame pool is an affordable model, but with extra benefits of a more strong and durable build than that of a regular inflatable pool. Installation is also simple and you have the choice of storing your pool during the off season so that you can prolong its lifespan. With the proper preparation before installing your intex ultra frame pool, we are sure you will be glad you chose this model. You simply can’t beat the price!

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