How to Vacuum a Pool? Swimming Pool Maintenance Basics

A beautiful swimming pool in your patio is always an excellent way for you to hang out with your friends and family, as well as to give your body the much needed workout. If you want your pool to provide a healthy and clean atmosphere for your daily swim and those occasional pool parties, regular cleaning is the only way to go.

Cleaning your pool regularly is important if you wish to avoid several health issues, have the equipment and systems functioning smoothly, and always maintain a balanced and healthy water quality. If you use your pool every day, you would need to clean it more frequently, following a normal cleaning routine. On the other hand, when you use it for parties, or say after a heavy storm, you may have to do some heavy cleaning.

Pool Cleaning Options

How to Vacuum a Pool? You have two basic options to have your swimming pool cleaned. One is by doing it manually, by hand, and the other by using a pool vacuum cleaner. A pool vacuum is designed to be left inside your pool at all times and it will continue to move around along the surface of the pool, gathering dirt and other similar particles, and disposes the accumulated dirt by passing them to the filter. Though a pool vacuum can seem to be an expensive investment at the start, it actually is a good bargain as it will save you a lot of effort and time in the long run.

When choosing a vacuum for your swimming pool, it is crucial to observe how it functions. Some vacuum models are designed to depend on the main pump system of the pool to attain suction power, while others are designed with motors and pumps of their own. In general, the latter pool vacuum models are highly recommended because, even if there is an issue with your pool’s pump system, you can continue to clean it with the vacuum until the pool pump is fixed.

Using a Manual Pool Vacuum

pool cleanerA manual pool vacuum cleaner will typically comprise of a telescopic pole, a hose and a head. First, you should fix the vacuum head to the pole. The pole’s job is to help you easily move the pool vacuum on the surface of your pool and collect all dirt and debris. Then, connect the hose to the head, hold the unattached end of the hose in one hand and immerse the vacuum head and hose into the pool. In order to fill the hose with water, place the end you are holding near your pool’s water intake. Once the hose is filled with water, it will start to sink, creating suction. If this doesn’t happen, your hose will probably have air. Now, connect the skimmer and the hose to make the vacuum ready for cleaning.

The telescopic pole enables you to quickly and smoothly move the vacuum head along the sides, surface, and also the steps of your swimming pool, collecting rubbles along the way. To avoid clogging the pool vacuum, try to avoid collecting large articles till the end of your cleaning routine. Alternatively, you can use a pool net or leaf skimmer to first collect all large objects and then start vacuuming.

Using an Automatic Pool Vacuum

poolcleanerreviewsAutomatic pool vacuum cleaners are available in three different types, based on their operation and pricing. These are: pressure-side pool vacuum, robotic pool vacuum, and suction-side pool vacuum.

The pressure-side and suction-side automatic pool vacuums are different in design, but have similar operations. The former model is ideal for swimming pools where large debris get accumulated. Water pressure in the pool powers this model, which collects and stores debris in a bag, thus mitigating filter load. Pressure-side pool vacuums are available with or without a booster pump.  For effective operation, it is recommended to buy these cleaners with a booster pump.

The latter pool vacuum is considered to be the least expensive when compared to the other two types of automatic pool cleaners. Suction-side pool vacuums depend on your pool’s filter and suction systems to glide through and clean. The downside with this model is that, if the filter and suction system of your pool is less efficient, it will reflect on the vacuum as well. Also, this cleaner collects all debris in the filter, which can lead to frequent changing of the same.

Robotic pool vacuum cleaners are completely automatic and require very little or no human supervision to clean the pool. This cleaner drives itself along the surface, steps, and sides of your swimming pool, cleaning and collecting debris of all sizes. Despite their high cost, these vacuums are easy to be installed in any pool model and happen to the most efficient of all automatic pool cleaners.

Dirt, leaves, and other forms of debris can greatly depreciate your pool’s appearance and hygiene. However, you can still maintain its hygiene and appearance by vacuuming it on a regular basis.

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