How to Pick the Best Cordless Leaf Blower for Your Garden

Using home improvement equipment such as a brush or hand rake while clearing up leaves can be quite exhausting; not to mention you will spend so much time while at it. That is why, leaf blowers were introduced and they can totally clean your homestead in a fraction of time. If you have a sizable garden, worry less since cordless leaf blowers are manufactured for you. In fact, they have been trending than ever before since they are light to carry around. You will easily blow the leaves on your yard with just one hand. How about that? Several consumers have nicknamed it as a “godsend” garden blower.

How a Cordless Leaf Blower Works

Labelled parts of blower vac

Quite evidently, all types of leaf blowers use a similar centrifugal force power. A cordless leaf blower tends to spin its fan and later sucks in air which exits through a compact opening. The high pressure that is exhibited is later pushed on other nozzle paths.

The centrifugal force and the power rate of a leaf blower is typically measured in CFM thus the cubic feet per minute. The volume that is expelled through the air blower exits extends towards the nozzle in no time. The power is also measured in MPH thus miles per hour rating. The greater the MPH rating, the more powerful the blower will increase its speed level.

Why are Cordless Leaf Blowers Trending?

 electric-powered leaf blower

o When you a purchase a Cordless Blower you will realize that it requires little to no maintenance.
o It is also easy to carry thus blowing off leaves from one end to another. Most of them have a weight between 8 to ten pounds.
o They are not only used in autumn. They are all seasons blowers
o Its air blowing speed can range between 250 MPH.
o It only uses electrical motors from rechargeable batteries.

With that in mind, it is imperative to note that there are wide ranges of leaf blowers. Therefore, you need to narrow down your options and choose the best leaf blower for your backyard. Below are factors to consider so that you pick the ideal leaf blower for your home. Read on.

Check the batteries

As mentioned earlier, cordless leaf blowers use rechargeable batteries. Thus, if you are planning to do immense projects, then consider purchasing a backup battery since it will be time consuming. They typically take 50 to 60 minutes to recharge fully. There are two common batteries that are always used. They are:


o Ni-Cad Batteries

BLACK+DECKER 18-Volt NiCad Battery
These are quite cheap compared to other battery-powered leaf blowers. However, they are heavy and you will notice a power cut-off when it’s due to be recharged.


o The Lithium-Ion Batteries

Cordless leaf blower lithium ion battery
These are trending cordless leaf blower batteries and are also available in various voltage output such as 18, 20, 24 until 80.They are popular since they are not as heavy as others. They don’t experience any cut-off when they are due to be charged. Before replacing, you can recharge it over three times.


Since cordless leaf blowers use batteries, you need to also understand how they are maintained by carrying out regular check-ups. First, you should mix oil with gas for the gas tank in the battery. Remember to do regular maintenance such as replacing the spar plugs. But don’t let this scare you, cordless leaf blowers are easy to maintain since they don’t use oil, engine or gas.


There is a wide range of cordless leaf blowers in the market. The choice will depend with the type of model and situation of your garden. Renowned brands include Bosch, Stihl and Ryobi.Both are easy to maintain and use. Generally, small models are designed for eliminating small ration of leaves such as in garden pots and the plants won’t be destroyed at all.

Large cordless leaf blowers are quite expensive but they are worth the price. They are designed to clear off a medium sized garden drive. That is why; they are more expensive than other type of flower blowers. It’s important to bear in mind that the smaller cordless leaf blowers are not functional as compared to larger sizes.


o A bad model of cordless leaf blower will take time to clear off the leaves from your garden. A feature like a narrow nozzle end is made so as to blow-off the garden leaves into piles. It also helps to control the ability and speed needed in the air jet.

o The leaf blower mulching blades help to reduce high level of blockage in a simple way. Besides, it is advisable to look for a metallic model cordless leaf blower since plastic leaf blower models are less likely to last for long and can break easily if stacked up by a heavy object such as stone.

o The cordless leaf blower collection bag should be waterproof which helps to avoid further leakage while blowing your garden on a rainy season.

o You should also check for comfortable shoulder straps and handles since you need them for adequate support. A sturdy collecting bag is important as well. The machine should be light to carry out and also safe to use. The straps should also be trouble-free when blowing off your garden.

o Also, consider looking for a convenient storage space before purchasing your cordless leaf blower.

Final words

As you purchase you’re cordless leaf blower, confirm whether you will be given a battery and a charger. Sometimes, they are sold separately. The total price might increase if the charger is sold independently.

As mentioned above, Cordless leaf blowers are convenient to use and will only handle medium series of work. They are not designed for commercial work, thus don’t expect a garden flower blower to sweep off backyard lawns.

Note that a cordless leaf blower is only used for disposing and collecting leaves and other background debris. Since they come in a wide range of sizes, they tend to have different features, power sources and debris clearing as well.

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