How To Get Your Pool Ready For Summer

It only takes a while and then you realize that spring is knocking at your backyard pool. And your pool might probably have branches and leaves floating. But before re-opening the pool for summer, you need to find various methods that will help in getting out the greenish water at the pool tab. The only thing you want is to restore the pool water to its actual chemical balance. So, what’s the process? First, you need to prepare yourself and keep in mind that everything must work as it was before. With that in mind, take a look at the following procedures that will help you get your pool ready for summer.

getting a pool ready for summer

Turn your pool equipment on

It is imperative to turn on the pool equipment since they have not been working for some time. The process helps to determine if the equipment is intact or leaking. Don’t forget to check under the pool pump since it’s easier to clean and repair the light leaks when they are still small.

Remember to test and check the water pool

You should test the level of the dissolved solids in the water pool such as calcium. The process will help you to choose whether you need to refill or drain-off your pool. In some cases, you might need assistance from qualified pool service and they roughly charge about $120 for a paramount service inspection. They will also check a TDS test (Total Dissolved Solid).

Draining the pool

Note that even if you are told to drain-off the pool, you only need to do it when you are aware that there might be lots of debris or you haven’t been covering your pool for some time. For instance, if the water table of the location of your pool is high, it might tend to lift the ground even without the weight of the water level. The reality is that the pool might sink into the ground due to high groundwater table. Pool inspection service can also help to place an oversize pump for water level balance. That said, it is recommended to drain your pool every four to five years.

preparing the pool for summer

Clean it up

Clean the pool when it’s already empty. You can only do this by asking the pool service to wash and polish the pool surfaces with water pool acid so as to eliminate the hard water that is always induced at the waterline ring.

Don’t forget salt as well

Checking the salt level helps to determine whether your pool is salt-chlorinated. Thoroughly clean the cells during cold season. Keep into account that most cells stop automatically when they reach about 50 degrees.

Raising the chlorine level

You can raise the level of chlorine above 5.0 with an oxidizer thus the ‘shock’ and you easily get it from your pool dealer. The best choice is to choose a product that is consistent with the pool filter system. The shock tends to oxidize material that chlorine has eliminated such as algae, bacteria and numerous skin cells. During summer, oxidize the pool regularly or purchase ozone generators which shock the pool continuously.

getting your pool ready for summer

Hire an electrician

While still planning and cleaning your pool for summer, it’s crucial to be safe than sorry. Contact a qualified electrician from your pool dealer who will help you install a ground fault circuit. This circuit helps to check whether your pool’s installation and wiring are both up to code. He or she should also inspect various equipment such as ladders, slides, diving boards and anything that looks damaged to the eye.

Checking Your Pool Regularly

If your pool service is far from your homestead, then take some time every week and clean off the pool as desired. These involve vacuuming, netting the debris, cleaning the pool down and also emptying the pump basket and skimmer as well. Also, treating the water chemically is advised. You can purchase an automatic pool cleaner which tends to clean the pool on a daily basis.

A family playing in a pool

Changing the light bulbs

The simplest way to change the pool light bulb is when it is completely dry. You can also opt to unscrew it from the underwater wall and then lift it till it reaches the deck even if the water is in the pool.

Before replacing the new bulb, choose the LED light that uses up to 75% energy as compared to other analogue incandescent lights. They will last for years and also come in wide variety of shapes and color.

Remember to clean the filters

You can do this by calling a professional since they can do it perfectly and on time. Before the summer season begins, maintain your pool earth filters at least twice a year. If you have a cartridge filter, you should plan how to clean it at least three to four times a year. Clogged filters and baskets prevent the water from flowing as desired. This makes the pump to consume more energy. Also, don’t forget to check for any wear and tear as this will help you to identify which filter needs replacement and how soon.

Attend to the pool pump

A pool pump

Maintaining the pool pump is important if you want to keep it up and running. You should regularly inspect the strainer for any cracks that tend to allow debris into the pump. In fact, a pump is manufactured to last for more than ten years but this depends on the quality and also the hours it runs on a daily basis.

How to clean a deck

Use a hose and clean up the deck spills as soon they appear to prevent further staining. Scrub off with an acrylic or laundry detergent mixed with water. If the deck is made of a natural stone, then remember to seal it once a year.

Natural Methods to Use for Pool Cleaning

Sometimes, it is better to use various natural methods to keep your pool clean and sparkling. Several natural herbs help to get rid of sticky germs and debris. For instance, hibiscus and bougainvillea are used to brighten the poolside area. You can also mix lemon and water to remove the stubborn stains from the pool ladder.

In addition to the basics, your pool should be ready for summer. However, it’s important to perform a regular check-up once in a while. The best option is to solve major pool drawbacks on time such as making sure your pool filters are clean, pool chemicals are balanced and ensuring there is good water circulation in your pool.

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