How to Get Rid of Flies Outdoors

Here’s the scene: you’ve invited your friends and family for a fun al fresco dinner. You cook your specialty burger and sausage, and all of a sudden, you see the facial reactions of your guests change. They seem to be shooing away something. Oh yeah, it’s those pesky flies again. No matter how hard you try, they keep coming back, ruining every single important get-together like this. You can’t keep running behind them with a flyswatter, and you can’t stop having your outdoor parties just because of these pesky little creatures.

In addition to the annoyance they cause you, flies are also known to carry disease causing bacteria. Even a single fly is capable of carrying millions of harmful bacteria on its tiny body. As these flies go around different contaminated places flies on foodlike garbage cans, fecal matter, etc. the amount of bacteria they carry with them is highly harmful. And the most terrifying fact is that, they don’t actually have to bite you, like mosquitoes do, to transmit bacteria. Instead, they can simply sit on the food you prepare or bring outdoors and all the bacteria get transferred directly. When you consume those foods, you will be affected by diseases like cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery, etc. If you have kids at home who also eat those foods, their condition can get even worse.

If the flies are still bothering you even after applying bug spray and other repellents, we have some tips that can possibly help you get rid of flies outdoors. First, here are some common procedures for you to follow to keep flies away:

Check your trash cans

Make sure that your trash cans’ lids are tightly sealed. There shouldn’t be any gap between the lid and the can giving space for flies to pass. Also be sure to not leave any rotting substance behind for too long.

Clear your pet’s poop immediately

If you have a pet at home, then you have one more aspect to worry about, apart from your trash cans and other decaying matter around your house. As you should be aware, animal feces are one of the main attractants of flies around homes. Therefore, if you wish to get rid of flies outdoors, make sure to clear away your pet’s poop whenever and wherever you spot it around your house.

Drain water around your house

Like many other bugs, flies also love stagnant water. If your house is placed nearby a lake or pond, there’s nothing you can actually do about it. However, make sure there is no stagnant water close to or around your house and backyard. They may be in your bird bath, buckets, or trash can lids. Look around and drain any water you can find.

Trim your yard constantly

Tall grass and scrappy bushes are other favorites of flies. If you don’t want the flies to disturb you, it is important to keep your backyard trimmed at all times. If you are passionate about gardening, there is one other thing you should be careful about: your fertilizer. Fertilizers act as an excellent breeding ground for flies. While it is impossible to completely avoid the usage of fertilizers for gardening, try not to keep them moist always, and avoid adding oily products or meat to your fertilizer.

Now, here are some natural ways to prevent flies from bothering you when you are enjoying your outdoors:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great ingredient to get rid of flies. As this vinegar is usually made from fermented apples, and as flies love the smell of fermented products, you can easily exterminate them using this ingredient. Heat up some apple cider vinegar in your microwave or on the stove and pour the heated liquid in a jar or bowl. Place it outdoors where you often see flies and leave it for a day. Flies will automatically be drawn by the smell, enter the jar and get trapped.

Garlic and Garlic Oil

Garlic oil or even fresh garlic is known to possess the ability to scare away flies. Hang some garlic outside your back door or near the grill, or hang a cloth or sheets covered with garlic oil in places where flies visit frequently.

Red Wine

Of course you serve it as refreshment during your party. But this can help keep away flies as well. Pour some red wine in a bowl and place it somewhere away from where your guests are. It is sure to attract fruit flies.

Fly Paper

Make your own fly paper at home by mixing some sugar and corn syrup or honey with little water to form a sticky mixture. Apply this mixture to papers, make a hole at the top end of each of those papers, tie a thread through the hole, and hang them in your backyard.

Plastic Water Bags

While stagnant water attracts flies to your house, plastic water bags are known to keep them away. This claim is because of two reasons: one – due to the unique eyeplastic water bag structure of flies, a clear plastic bag filled with water will look like a spider’s web to their eyes, preventing them to go past the bag or anywhere near it. Secondly, the reflection from the water inside the bag will confuse the flies by creating an illusion, thus ceasing them from moving forward. Therefore, this is one most effective solution to prevent flies from pestering you and your guests. Simply fill a clear plastic bag with water and hang it outdoors.

Now that you know how to get rid of flies outdoors, it’s time for you to enjoy outdoors with family and friends, of course with no flies to bother you.

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