How To Clean Pool Tile For A Shinier Pool Surface

As a pool owner, I love having a pool that’s clean not only in summer, but all through the year. I’m sure every pool owner would love the same. But as much as we try to keep the pool clean, sometimes dirt,algae and other forms of debris will often get their way inside. Therefore, it is important that you spend some time cleaning your pool tile so that you avoid dirt build up. Regularly cleaning of your pool tiles helps in keeping off bacteria that may be harmful to swimmers.

Before you get down to cleaning your pool, you need to know the best product to use in cleaning your swimming pool tile. With all the products available in the market, one can easily get confused on the best method for cleaning pool tile. To make this easier for you, we have come up with the best methods for cleaning dirt on your pool tile. We want you to clean out your pool tile without causing any damage. Apart from maintaining the aesthetics, damaged tiles tend to collect dirt faster than those tiles that are intact. So if you damage your tiles, then you will have to regularly keep cleaning them as dirt will collect faster than if they were intact.

Here is how to clean pool tile without damaging it.

Use of Chemicals

Pool-Tile-Cleaning chemicals

If you are looking for an easier option of cleaning pool tiles, then tile cleaning chemicals that are available at your local pool store are the solution to your problem. These chemicals come in different varieties and they are affordable. Let the pool professionals in the store you are buying these chemicals guide you on the strength of product you will need depending on the level of dirt build up on your tiles. There are several home remedies for tile grout that are also easy to prepare and will not harm you such as baking soda and vinegar mixture. But if your tiles are extremely dirty then store bought chemicals are best and they will provide you with excellent results. Since these products are strong, one should observe the necessary safety precautions such as wearing the recommended protective gear.

Blast away all dirt

This is a great fix to your tile grout problem. There are three forms of blasting. They include:

Glass Bead Blasting
This method makes use of a stream of ultra fine, well rounded glass beads – almost the size of a needle tip – to clean oil, grit and calcium off your pool tiles. Since the beads are well rounded, one can easily clean their tiles without worrying about scratching the surface of the pool. This is an Eco-friendly method of dealing with pool dirt and it’s inexpensive. The equipment used in bead blasting is reusable and it’s a great investment for any pool owner. It’s easy to clean up glass beads after you are done with tile cleaning both in the pool and on the deck. In addition, it does not affect your pool balance.

glass bead blasting
Salt Blasting
Salt blasting makes use of Kieserite (natural mineral salt that’s compared to Epsom) and it’s usually shot at a low pressure. When the salt comes into contact with your pool surface, it bursts and this is what releases all the dirt build-up from the tiles in your pool. It works perfectly on sand stone, ceramic and other types of tiles. Its bio-degradable, has neutral pH and most pool owners consider it as the safest way to clean grout from tiles. It leaves your tiles shining.

Soda Blasting
Soda blasting is like glass bead blasting but it makes use of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), which is gentler. This method works perfectly well on stone, ceramic and Pebble Tec pool tiles. Since it has a pH level of 8.3, it can increase the pH and total alkalinity levels especially if you have a large swimming pool.

Scrub off the dirt

If you do not mind doing all the work manually, then scrubbing your pool tiles with special equipment is also another way of cleaning pool tiles. General pool cleaning equipment such as scrubbing brushes will not be effective in getting rid of dirt build up in your pool. Therefore, we would recommend that you visit your pool specialist in regards to the options available in the market. There is a variety of pool scrubbing blocks that come in different types of materials, are chemical free and non-toxic. These products can be recycled and used in cleaning other areas of the home such as toilets, bathrooms and spas.

Tile scrub

All the above methods of cleaning pool tiles come with their pros and cons. But the pros outweigh the cons. Proper cleaning and maintaining your pool may seem like such a hassle, but with these simple and easy methods, you will be able to restore your pools shine with a day’s work!

If you do not feel confident enough to use these methods, you can hire the services of a professional company. Always do your homework first before you engage any company. Ensure the pool cleaning company has all the necessary licenses to work on your pool as you and your property may be at risk.

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