How to Clean a Jacuzzi Tub

When you get back home after a stressful day at work, all you would think about would be to have a relaxing massage and bath in your Jacuzzi tub. You fill your Jacuzzi with water, turn on your favorite music, get a glass of your favorite drink, enter the tub, turn on the jets to start the massage and begin to relax. After a few minutes, you realize that your tub is filled with greasy water bubbles and slimy dirt – nothing more off-putting to ruin a relaxing evening in the Jacuzzi.

So how to clean a Jacuzzi tub? In the case of jetted tubs, bath water never drains off completely. When you use the tub again, there can be dirty water, skin cells, bacteria, and also slimy accumulations of dirt that get released into the clean water. The harmful bacteria in such dirt can cause several diseases including pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and skin infections of different types. The whirlpool action of your Jacuzzi tub creates aerosol mist, which forces germs into open cuts or lungs. Hence, it is important to clean the tub on a regular basis.

jacuziJacuzzi bathtubs, unlike regular ones, are quite difficult to clean. But, the more you use your Jacuzzi tub, the more frequently you should clean it. If you use it occasionally, then you can schedule its cleaning with longer intervals. However, it is recommended that you clean the tub right after each use.

Cleaning Process

Follow these steps in order to clean your Jacuzzi tub easily and efficiently:

  • Each Jacuzzi tub is different. Therefore, always go through your tub’s manual to know the manufacturer’s recommendations. Everything you need to know about cleaning your tub would be mentioned in the manual, including the type of cleaning agent to use, and also those to avoid.
  • If your tub has air control knobs, make sure you close them in order to avoid air induction. Then, fill your Jacuzzi with water reaching up to 3 inches, so that all jets are completely immersed. There are manufacturers that recommend keeping the air control knobs open, so it is important that you thoroughly read the manual before proceeding with any of these steps.
  • Add the recommended amount of cleaning agent (as specified in the manual) into the water. If not, you can also use commercial Jacuzzi tub cleaners that are specially formulated for cleaning jetted tub systems.
  • Turn on the jets for a few minutes, drain the tub, refill the Jacuzzi with more water and turn the jets on again for a couple minutes for thorough rinsing.
  • Drain all the water and use a soft cloth to wipe the tub properly.

Tips to Remember

  • Always wear goggles and gloves when cleaning your tub: When cleaning your Jacuzzi tub you would be using strong chemicals to make the process effective. Hence, it is important that you wear goggles and gloves. Any plastic glove that you use for regular household cleaning should be enough. The goggle you choose should be comfortable, clear, and protect your eyes from the strong chemical fumes.
  • Change the filter: Similar to car filters, your tub’s filter also prevents debris and contaminants from clogging it. Therefore, it should be changed once in every three months. However, if you use the tub only occasionally, changing the filter every six months should suffice. The cartridges in the filters should be washed properly every two weeks.
  • Use good cleaning solutions: People usually tend to use normal cleaning solutions such as dish soap, vinegar and bleach to clean the surface of their Jacuzzi tub. Remember, such simple household cleaning agents are insufficient to remove sediments and kill bacteria. Also, they cannot clean the circulation system of your tub properly. Hence, go through the tub’s manual to find the recommended cleaning solutions and always follow the recommendations.
  • Flush the tub: Flushing the Jacuzzi tub every now and then will help wash away contaminants, along with preventing the accumulation of deposits. This is a much easier process. Fill your tub with about six inches of water. Add a couple teaspoons of recommended cleaning agent. To make the cleaning solution mix with water, turn on the jets for some time. Turn them off after a few minutes and drain the tub completely.

Once in every six months, get a professional cleaning service to clean your tub. This is because they will make use of high quality cleaning systems and equipment to clean the tub completely. Also, they will remove all forms of accumulated dirt and debris, leaving your Jacuzzi as good as new.

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