How Much Is An Inground Pool? Inground Pool Costs Estimates

One of the most common questions in the pool industry, “How Much Is An Inground Pool?” Well, there is neither a simple nor a complicated answer to the above question.The prices of inground pools depend on various factors and its always advisable to schedule an appointment with a contractor so that they can give you an estimate quote. You can also get several quotes from different contractors and then use them as guides in budgeting for your pool.

However, before you engage the services of a contractor, its best that you do some research on your own first. This will help you to get a rough estimate of the total cost of an inground pool, so that you establish whether you can really afford even the most basic inground pool.

Secondly, to be able to understand the kind of things that the contractor will talk to you about that help in determining the total cost of an inground pool so that you are ready to tell them what you really want. This is the reason we have come up with this article, to give you all the facts you will need to start the process of owning your own inground pool in your backyard.

Generally, you may have to pay anything from $25,000 to $50,000 for a modest inground swimming pool. This is before the addition of any features or extras. Of course with the assumption of a modest pool size, in a modest city that has a modest cost of living, modest materials and modest extras.

If you are not modest, then the prices will definitely go up or down.

What are the things that may determine whether the price of your inground pool will go up or down?

Although this may be considered as part of the pools size, it would be important to look at it on its own. If you want to construct a deeper pool, then it is going to require you more labor and materials. This means that you will have to dig deeper into your pockets. However, if you are constructing a shallower pool, the costs may be much lower.
For the standard pool shapes, you will not pay any extra charges. However, if you want a custom design for your pool, then you may have to pay much more. There will be additional labor and time so contractors will factor in that when giving you a price quote.

What materials do you want to use for the construction of your pool? Fiberglass and gunite (concrete) are considered as high quality materials and they will definitely cost you more than vinyl. Learn more about the cost of fiberglass pools here.
One of the largest determinants of the total cost of a pool is its size. Larger pools are more expensive when compared to smaller pools. Roughly, you will be expected to pay about $50 for each square foot.
If you are living in an area that has high costs of living, chances are that your pool will cost you more. You will also have to pay for permits, which could cost you some more money depending on your area of residence.
Are a D.I.Y person?
If you are confident of your D.I.Y skills, you can save yourself lots of money by doing the job on your own. There are so many companies that will sell you inground pool kits that provide you with all the material necessary. However, if you feel you cannot do everything, then its best to look for a contractor who will be able to work with you.

inground pool
Extras that may be needed
This is not to scare you, but sometimes extras can be more expensive than the pool itself. Here are some extras that you can add to your pool to give it a more personal touch. For some people, these extras are must –haves. You are not limited on the extras you can have in your pool, you can go wild as long as you have the necessary finances.
Of course, the addition of a spa in your inground pool comes with extra price charges. But for most people, spas are a must have and should be factored into the initial cost of the pool from the word go.
Diving boards
Diving boards cost about $400 or even much more. Additionally, always bear in mind if you are looking for a high diving board, you will require a deeper inground pool which equals to more money.
You can do so much with lighting in and around your inground swimming pool. If you plan to host pool parties at night, then this is a major concern.
This is not exclusively part of the total cost of construction of an inground pool, but it’s something that should be seriously looked into. If your backyard is not secured, then you will have to seriously consider this. If you leave your pool open, it may be a danger to pets and children in your neighborhood and you are simply inviting liabilities.
Just like diving boards, slides will add extra charges to the total cost of your pool.

Well, as we said from the beginning, answering the question “how much is an inground pool? inground pool costs estimates” would neither be simple nor difficult. Hopefully, after you have read this article you have an idea on where to begin your research and also the costs involved in the entire project. Find a contractor you can trust and let then guide you through the process of owning your inground pool. Plan on how you intend to finance your project as early as possible so that you do not run out of finances in the middle of the project.

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