How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub

Most of us always dream of proudly owning a hot tub in our homes. They are a great form of relaxation after a hard day out in the office and they make an extra luxurious addition in our homes. However, when we finally get to own one, we realize that owning a hot tub is actually more expensive than we had thought. There are thousands of brands and models of hot tubs to choose all with different price tags.

A lot of companies make false claims about the running costs of their hot tubs, and only few of them can prove to be energy saving in the long run. Here are several factors that will affect the running costs of your hot tub. let’s figure out How much does it cost to run a hot tube.

First, the water volume that needs to be heated will have an impact on your electricity bill. The higher the volume of water that requires heating the higher the running costs. In most cases, hot tubs will hold around 1,000 liters, while swim spas may hold more than 10,000 liters.

The water temperature is often set at 36°C to 40°C especially in the cold months. However, in the hot weather months, the temperatures may be set lower to make the water more comfortable. If you have set high temperatures, that means you will need more energy to maintain it and that will translate to higher running costs.

The surrounding temperature also has an impact especially when the cover is off. The more the difference between the water temperature and the surrounding air temperature, the more fast the heat is lost. Generally, you will incur more costs in heating your hot tub in the winter although it’s usually relaxing to sit staring at the skies on a cold day.

You usage will also be factored in calculating the running costs of a hot tub. Clearly, the more you use your hot tub (this is where the cover is off and the pumps are running) the more costs incurred. There will be more electricity needed to run the pump and also water that’s agitated loses heat faster than calm water so you will need to heat it up so often.

Where is your hot tub installed? Is it indoors or outdoors? This will too have an effect on your running costs as indoor hot tubs usually have a higher all year round surrounding temperature than an outdoor hot tub. This will translate to lower running costs for an indoor tub when compared to an outdoor hot tub.

Still, your indoor hot tub will need some specialist equipment installed so as to maintain the humidity and temperature of the air indoors at much comfortable levels. If the tub is not in use, always make sure that the cover is put back on the hot tub and that it fits compactly. This will ensure there are no gaps where heat will escape. Take care of your cover so that you can lengthen its lifespan. If you are using an old cover, it can easily take on water and this will make it heavy for you to lift it on and off. In addition, this drastically reduces heat retention properties. If you realize your cover has become heavy like this, then it’s time to replace it.

What are the likely running costs of a hot tub?

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The cost of electricity varies greatly and some providers will be cheaper than others. Further, the tariff that you are on has an impact on how much you pay but it’s good to keep a close watch on the normal comparison sites to be sure you are getting the best utility deal. In the experience of most people who own hot tubs, it costs about $50 minimum every month in the summer and well over $100 in the winter months. When buying your hot tub, do not rely so much on the salesman’s cost estimates as they are often out to make a quick sale and will give you the minimal figures which will likely turn out to be false.
In a day, the typical cost may be from $2 to $3 with an average use of half an hour each day for a quality hot tub from a reputable brand.
There are some hot tubs that are more energy efficient than others and in most cases, those hot tubs that are advertised at very cheap prices can have poor insulation translating to higher running costs. Therefore, it’s important to always ask your retailer how cost effective their hot tubs are and request for any published figures they may have.

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Water treatments chemicals are also other costs that are associated with running a hot tub. Chemicals are important in ensuring that your hot tub water remains crystal clear, clean and hygienic. The great news is that a hot tub has minimal water volumes which mean that you only require little amounts of water treatment products to keep it properly maintained. You can allow a budget of $300 every year to take care of your water treatment chemical requirements. However, if you heavily use your hot tub, you may need a bigger budget.

Replacing the filters of your hot tub is also another expense. A hot tub requires a total of three filters which cost about $45 each. These filters will need to be replaced after every 4-6 months, so you have to come up with a recurring expense budget.

Finally, the pumps may fail, leak or even have the main computer going out. The cost of upkeep and constant repair can go up to hundreds of dollars. If you were not prepared for such expenses, it can be financially draining for your family.

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