How Much Does An Above Ground Pool Cost? Basic Cost Of Above Ground Pool

We cannot deny that adding a swimming pool to your property increases its value and it’s always a great way to bring your family together in those hot summer days. One of the fastest ways to change your backyard ready for summer is by installing an above the ground pool.

However, the most common question everyone who wants to buy an above the ground pool will ask is: “how much does an above ground pool cost?” What are the prices for the various above the ground pools in the market? Sadly, a lot of people do not get clear answers for the questions above when they result to carry out research online. This is why we have come up with this article to help you in your search. However, remember that the prices of above the ground pools will vary depending on your location, features and size.

Cost of above ground pool 101

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Above ground pools come in different forms, from the more economic models to the luxurious ones. A lot of people will prefer to purchase an above ground pool due to their affordability and convenience.
When buying an above the ground pool, there are two pricing components that need to be considered. These are the kit and the installation costs. Each one of them is considered separately as they do not come as a package. Most swimming pool companies will only sell to you an above ground swimming pool and will not actually do the installation. On average, an above ground swimming pool will cost you from $1,500 to $4,500, but this depends on the quality of the pool.

A pool that has more resin and less metal will be higher in price since it’s durable. For installation of an above ground pool, it cost about $1,000 to $3,000 which depends on the size and type of pool. If you are looking to install an oval pool, then you may have to pay more for both installation and purchase of the pool.

You may have seen advertisements for an above the ground pool and installations for $14,999, but those people advertising are not honest. They fail to include costs for decking around the pool, landscaping, electrical hook ups and accessories. Although the size of the pool plays a big role in determining the total costs, about 30k to 70k would be a good place to start.

Nowadays, you can walk into big stores such as Wal-Mart and purchase you’re preferred above ground pool. The major manufacturer of these pools is Intex. However, these “set and fill” pools are a bit cheaper and of inferior materials, often costing about $100 to $800 but they do not last for more than 3 summers before they are replaced.

There are also some rectangular above ground pools that are available in the market. Kayak pools is one of the major manufacturers of rectangular above ground pools. Since these above ground pools have a wrap around deck around them (important for structural support) they are installed for over $10k.

Other factors that will determine the total cost of above ground pools.

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Your area of residence will also determine the total cost of labor and other costs involved in the preparation of the ground. If your surface is hard with lots of rocks to dig through, then it may take longer and the costs of labor may be higher. There are also areas that require you to have permits. Therefore, you will have to factor in costs of such permits when planning to own an above ground pool.

You will also not want to leave your above ground pool bare. Adding features to it makes it more inviting and you and your guests will enjoy being around the area. These features may include fences, salt water chlorination, decking fountains and any other extras that you may be interested in. However, bear in mind all this will raise the cost of your above ground swimming pool project.

What are the average maintenance costs of above ground pools?

BestAboveGround RevSplash Pools above Ground Round Pool Package Riew
After you have installed your pool and started using it, you will need to understand the maintenance costs needed. Some costs may include accessories. Apart from the filters, ladders and pumps that often come with the pool, you may need cleaning tools and brushes covers, vacuum assemblies and chemicals. These costs can begin from $400 and run into thousands depending on your pool size and how often you use it.
For above ground swimming pools, you may end up spending about $80 each month for chemicals alone.

If you are looking to install your above ground pool, it would be best to seek the services of a swimming pool professional in your location so that they can provide you with the most accurate price estimates.

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