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Easy Way to Boost Pool Filtration

Guest post by Gary Bowers Are you cleaning your swimming pool cartridge filter every week or two? Do you seem to be fighting a constant battle to keep your pool water balanced and clean? As a pool owner, I have found the most time consuming task in pool maintenance is cleaning the filter. On average, I […]

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How To Clean Hot Tub In 5 Easy Steps

Nothing beats a nice relaxing bubble soak in a hot tub with your partner or even alone. This has to be the ultimate relaxation you would crave for after a long day at work. However, as much as hot tubs provide all that relaxation, they need to be regularly cleaned for maintenance. Often, hot tub […]

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How To Change Pool Light – DIY Guide

Swimming pool lights are not essential when constructing a pool but they add to the beauty of your pool during the night. You may not appreciate pool light until it goes off and you cannot see what’s in the dark waters. A typical pool light bulb should last for more than 1,000 hours, while its […]

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How To Raise PH In Pool

One of the most important activities of pool care is ensuring the chemical balance in the water is well maintained. A well balanced chemistry is vital in keeping your pool clean and also ensuring it is safe for swimming. Chemicals such as chlorine are used in controlling the growth of bacteria and algae in the […]

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how to backwash a pool sand filter

How To Backwash A Sand Filter

All the sand filters use the same mechanics: when they are set to filter, water will flow from the pool via the filter and then back into the pool. The sand that’s in the filter system will block dirt, oil and debris. A normal sand filter multiport usually has 6 various settings; filter, circulate, backwash, […]

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How To Lower pH In Pool

Ensuring your pool pH level is balanced is a vital part in pool ownership. pH is what determines the water acidity. pH numbers range from 0 to 14 with the right pool water pH being between 7.2 and 7.8. If the water goes above 7.0, then it’s an indication that the water is becoming more […]

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Tile scrub

How To Clean Pool Tile For A Shinier Pool Surface

As a pool owner, I love having a pool that’s clean not only in summer, but all through the year. I’m sure every pool owner would love the same. But as much as we try to keep the pool clean, sometimes dirt,algae and other forms of debris will often get their way inside. Therefore, it […]

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How To Lower Alkalinity In Pool Water?

Balancing your pool water will keep your family and pool safe. It’s important to regularly check your pool to ensure your pool water has the proper alkalinity levels. Why lower the pool water alkalinity level? Although high total alkalinity does not cause severe damage to your pool equipment and surfaces as low alkalinity, alkalinity levels […]

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cleaning the area around the pool

How To Close An Inground Pool

Closing your inground pool means that you are closing with you all the happy memories of summer and getting ready for the cold season. It may seem difficult, especially if you are doing it for the first time, but we are here to help make the process easier. This is a crucial time for pool […]

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scooping debris from pool

Pool Maintenance For Dummies

In the scorching summer heat, a dip in the swimming pool is a relief. But before you can jump into the water, you have to carry out all the pool maintenance routines that prolong its crystal clear properties. A lot of people hate pool maintenance tasks, but if you neglect your pool, then you will […]

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