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Tile Options for Luxury Swimming Pools

Any swimming pool would look dull and dry without proper floor tiles. Over the years, the role of tile in luxury swimming pools has expanded into a wide range of applications. As pool designs expanded from the traditional rectangular pools to a lot of different custom designs with highly attractive water features, integration of tiles […]

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The Benefits of Salt Water Pools

In recent years, the popularity of salt water pools has increased rapidly, not just among hotels and resorts, but also widely among homeowners. When it comes to considering salt water pool systems, most homeowners are known to directly purchase one without doing their research. As a result, many of them end up frustrated and confused. […]

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How to find your pool guy?

Getting a swimming pool is believed to be a dream for many homeowners. However, many new pool owners are known to describe the process as a nightmare, for different reasons. One of the major reasons is the inability to find a reliable pool guy who is capable of installing a pool, maintaining it as well […]

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It’s time to get your pool ready! Here is what to do…

Spring is almost around the corner. This means it’s about time to wake your pool from winter hibernation and start prepping it for summer swims. Many homeowners think that opening their swimming pool for summer/spring simply involves filling it up with water and jumping in. You’re wrong! The process involves much more details that that. […]

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Water Saving Tips for Your Pool

As a pool owner, are you concerned about the amount of water getting wasted in your swimming pool? Yes, having a pool in your home is a great way to enjoy family time. But, with many cities experiencing drought, it is only fair that we do our part to help conserve water in all possible […]

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getting a pool ready for summer

How To Get Your Pool Ready For Summer

It only takes a while and then you realize that spring is knocking at your backyard pool. And your pool might probably have branches and leaves floating. But before re-opening the pool for summer, you need to find various methods that will help in getting out the greenish water at the pool tab. The only […]

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Common Pool Pump Problems And How To Fix It

The pump is one of the most vital components of your swimming pool’s circulation and filtration system, regardless of whether it is in ground or above ground. The basic job of a pool pump is to create pressure inside the pool, following which the water will be forced by way of the filter. This way, […]

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pool salt

How Much Salt To Add To Pool

You have finally bought your salt chlorine generator, what next? It’s important to know how much salt to add to pool so that you can correct the salt levels needed for your pool to get the best results. There are two major reasons why you may need to add more salt to your swimming pool. […]

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How to Level Ground for Above Ground Pool?

On a hot and humid summer day, the solace of getting into a cool pool is something that cannot be epitomized. Many homeowners consider swimming pool as an enjoyable way to cool off, workout, relax, and have a get-together with family and friends, while others consider it a symbol of luxury. Whichever category you belong […]

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