Best Zero Turn Mower For The Money

Have you ever wondered how those lawn-care professionals are able to get a lot done within a day? The answer is simple: they use zero turn mowers to considerably bring down the effort and time they put in cutting grass. If you happen to have a huge lawn and do not want to spend money hiring professionals to maintain it, buying a zero turn mower would be a great investment.

A zero turn mower is a better choice than any other lawn mowers or tractors because it has the ability to cut even tight contours, which can save you a lot of time you would otherwise spend using a push mower or a hand trimmer. Zero turn mowers also deliver great cutting speeds and enhanced visibility, thus enabling you to spend lesser time maintaining your beautiful yard and more time having fun there with your family.

Like it is with any other product you buy, it is vital that you learn as much as you can about a zero turn mower before you actually buy one. So, here are a few tips on the different aspects to consider before buying a zero turn mower:

Types of Zero Turn Mowers


Residential zero turn mowers are usually inclusive of entry level and mid-grade models, which will satisfy an average homeowner. These models are generally less powerful and slower than many high grade mowers. Hence, these mowers cannot be used for commercial purposes. Residential mowers come with a relatively lower price tag, which makes them a lot more accessible to every homeowner who is looking for an efficient solution or alternative to their standard push mowers.


Semi-pro zero turn mowers will be suitable for everyday use. These mowers will usually cost you only half the price you would pay on a commercial mower. If you are just starting as a landscape gardener, a semi-pro model would be great till you learn the process completely and can afford a commercial zero turn mower. These mowers will also be great for those of you with a huge yard, as they are fast, do not require constant refill, and come with a lot of comfort features.


Commercial zero turn mowers happen to be of the higher grade and hence, are also the most expensive models you will find on market. These mowers are designed to be extremely durable and therefore can be used on a regular basis and they will not wear down easily. Commercial zero turn mowers have the biggest mowing decks of all models, the most powerful engines, and the biggest fuel tanks. As a result, these models work at much faster speeds and can cover several acres of space within a short span of time.

Factors to Consider


Overall stability of the mower’s deck construction and frame are some of the most important characteristics to consider. In order to get a better idea of a mower’s overall durability, you need to look at different factors such as protection around the engine, steel gauge, steel frame specs and dimension, etc.


It is a fact that you will be spending less time using a zero turn mower when compared to a push mower or lawn tractor. Even then, comfort is a factor you should consider. You need to make sure that the seat is comfortable to sit on. Also look for back support. The control panel should be easily accessible and visible. If you can find a zero turn mower with controls on the same side, it would be much easier to operate. In addition, make sure that the manufacturer sells all necessary parts and accessories, in case you need it in the future.


If you are looking for simple residential zero turn mower models, you will be able to find them between the price range of $2500 and $6000. Commercial ones will certainly cost you more. Of course, it is possible to get a quality zero turn mower from a reliable manufacturer at a relatively lower price; however, you need to keep in mind that those models that belong to the higher end usually come packed with a lot more advanced features and happen to be highly durable as well.

User Friendly

Whether you are just a novice or an expert mower operator, user-friendliness of the mower is still important. There are zero turn mower models that allow you to change its speed to match your comfort level. There will be low and high modes to choose based on the area you are cutting. For instance, low mode will be suitable for cutting landscapes and around trees, and high mode will be perfect for mowing open and flat surfaces.

Best Zero Turn Mowers

Troy-Bilt 420cc Riding Lawn Mower

Troy Bilt

When you look at the Troy-Bilt mower for the first time, it wouldn’t seem like a heavy duty model delivering superior performance. But, it will definitely amaze you with its durability and power once you start using it. This mower is so easy to use that you don’t need to know to drive a car in order to drive the mower. Only a few mowing sessions and you will get used to it easily. The seat is positioned ergonomically so you can adjust it easily to match your convenience. The 18” steering wheel can be adjusted to three different height positions.

The Troy-Bolt 420cc mower is priced at $1099, which is neither too less nor too high for a mower that can help maintain a yard of 1 to 2 acres. However, this model will not be suitable for those of you with a vast countryside expanse with sharp slopes and other obstacles. The mower comes with a two year limited manufacturer warranty and is definitely an economically viable option.

Pros – Compact design, different height adjustments, different speed options, less expensive than many other models.

Cons – Not suitable for large land plots, plastic foot rest space.

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Poulan Pro Zero Turn Radius Mower

Poulan Pro

The Poulan Pro zero turn mower stays at the higher end of the spectrum mainly due to its zero turn radius. This gas-powered model is designed and built to offer great comfort, durability and performance. The mower is powered by a 22 HP v-twin pro engine and features a 46” steel deck that can be adjusted in height. It comes with dual levers and its hand grips are padded with foam for comfort. This zero turn mower is capable of operating in forward, reverse, right and left motions, as you can control each wheel of the mower independently, thus enhancing maneuverability. The high level of maneuverability offered by this mower enables you to move around obstacles and change directions easily.

To provide you with additional comfort, the seat on the mower has a 15” high backrest made of vinyl material. It can hold fuel of up to 3.5 gallon, and is equipped with extra features like a cup holder, digital hour meter, deck wash port for easy cleanup, and more. The Poulan Pro zero turn mower is offered at a price of $2736 and is covered by a three year limited warranty.

Pros – Great maneuverability, sufficient gas tank, easy to use, well built, comfortable to operate, less vibration.

Cons – Since there are bars used for steering and not a wheel, it could take some time for users to learn the operation.

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Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna 1

Husqvarna is a brand that has been manufacturing quality mowers for several decades now. Due to its years of experience and reliability, you can always expect a quality product from the brand, which it delivers with this model of zero turn mower as well. The 967324301 model features a 26 HP V-twin engine and is one of the most powerful zero turn mowers on our list. What this mower excels in is the improvement in side discharge and cut quality with the use of air induction. Its step-through design makes mounting and dismounting easy. With its large fuel tank capacity, you can perform mowing for a long time without having to refill every now and then. The bumper is equipped with LED lights to provide increased visibility when it’s dark.

When it comes to performance, the Husqvarna delivers exactly what you pay for. The machine is easy to use and performs well in all speeds. Though the price point of this mower is higher ($3199) than many other models you would find on market, you get a lot of benefits and value for your money. If you are in need of an efficient zero turn mower with a moderate price tag, then this model would be your best bet.

Pros – Improved cutting quality, anti-slip foot rest, powerful and efficient.

Cons – Quite highly priced than its competitors.

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Swisher ZTR2766BS ZTR Mower


If you live in a home with a vast lawn with a lot of different flower beds, trees, etc., then the Swisher ZTR2766BS is a ZTR mower you should check out. With the zero turn technology, this mower easily moves around obstacles, and its good driving speed and large cutting deck makes mowing easy and quick. The 27 HP Briggs & Stratton engine that powers this mower is extremely powerful and reliable, delivers a quiet operation, and is built to last long. With regular maintenance, this engine can last for years to come. The cutting deck is wide enough to enable faster mowing, and the foot assisted lift makes height adjustment easy.

The company has delivered high quality build and design in this model of ZTR mower as well. This Swisher mower is capable of achieving 8 MPH forward and reverse speed, and with a huge fuel capacity of 8 gallons, this is an excellent option for commercial use. If you are a home user, the only downside of this mower would be its price. At a price of $5199, this is quite an expensive option for individual buyers. But, if you are willing to spend money for quality, then the Swisher ZTR will be nothing short of an excellent investment.

Pros – Fast and powerful, huge deck, excellent quality, and easy to use.

Cons – Expensive, and not suitable for smaller yards.

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Husqvarna 967324101 Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna 2

This particular model from Husqvarna is the ideal example for performance and style. The 24 HP V-twin engine makes this mower powerful. The engine also comprises of air filtration, a cooling fan, and more such unique features that together help deliver excellent performance and durability. The 54” cutting deck augments grass lift, thus constantly performing great cuts. There are headlights included in the bumper, and the anti-slip foot area makes the mower much safer.

The control panel in the 967324101 model is located ergonomically to make it convenient for you to access the controls. The mower is powerful and fast, and still leaves a quality cut. Moreover, users seem to love the fact that the product requires minimal assembly upon arrival.

Pros – Quality cut, powerful, and user-friendly.

Cons – Not suitable for commercial applications.

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A zero turn mower will certainly make your mowing task much easier and simpler. With a best zero turn mower, you can save a lot of time and effort. So, remember to choose one that will last for several years.

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