Best Men’s Flip Flops For Walking (on the beach)

Whenever we think about active footwear, flip-flops would perhaps be the last thing that comes to our mind. What we immediately think about are hiking boots, running shoes and sneakers, and such, and we more often forget the most important summer wear that gets us through the sandy beaches and other areas. Of course, flip-flops don’t necessarily work like your active shoes; however, there are certain activities that you wouldn’t be able to engage in without them.

Flip-flops can actually be as fashionable and sporty as the pair of sneakers you absolutely love. From helping you get over a long muddy trail to enjoying walks on the beach, this footwear can do wonders, provided you find the right pair. That’s where this guide comes to your rescue. We have all the information you need to choose the right pair of flip-flops, and also a list of the best men’s flip-flops available on market today.

Flip-Flops Types

Like with any other footwear, flip-flops are also available in a wide variety of models. While some models happen to be simple and comfortable to be worn around the house or on the beach, there are also other models that service different purposes including athletic use, optimum comfort, easy slipping on and off, dressier, etc. On our list, there are some of the best multi-purpose flip-flops with reasonable price tags.

Choosing a Pair of Flip-Flops

When it comes to choosing the best pair of flip-flops that match your lifestyle, the very first thing you should do is think about the old pair you had, what you liked about it, and what better you need from the new pair. This is important because a person choosing flip-flops for a casual stroll along the beach is completely different from one looking to get a pair for their outdoor adventure. Therefore, think about the purpose behind your purchase and the features you absolutely need for the flops you choose.

If you need a flip-flop for walking around your home, for the beach, or for those strolls to your neighborhood convenience store, look for a pair that offers maximum comfort and excellent fit. Make sure that the flip-flop is made of soft, cushiony material and makes your feet feel comfortable in all the areas it touches. On the other hand, if you are looking for a flip-flop to go on long walks or for hiking or other adventures, go for ones that are durable and can withstand wear and tear. The pair you choose should also be non abrasive and last longer than you expect. The toe straps shouldn’t break down when you engage in intense activities because it could lead to something dangerous, thus leaving you injured. So, make sure that the model you choose is extremely strong, durable, easy to break-in, provides excellent traction, and doesn’t stretch over time.

Following are some of the best men’s flip-flops for walking that we found to have all necessary features to suit your needs.

Olukai Ohana Men’s Flip Flop

Olukai Ohana

The Olukai Ohana flip-flop tops our list as one of the best men’s flip-flops in terms of versatility, style, quality, traction, durability and comfort, all the features you need from a multi-purpose flip-flop. Despite being a bit heavier than many other models, the Olukai Ohana flip-flop delivers excellent arch support, non-chaffing straps, and a smooth footbed. This one is incredibly comfortable and does not need a lot of break-in time. It also offers great support and the flip-flop will remain snug on your feet no matter which activity you engage in.

Like with most other flip-flop models, you cannot expect the Ohana to perform well during activities such as climbing and sprinting. However, this one is designed to stay perfectly tight and stable in any normal flip-flop activity. In terms of style, the Ohana is not really the most stylish models available out there; but if you are someone who prefers something simple, elegant and performing its job well, this will definitely impress you. The Olukai Ohana men’s flip-flop is a well-made model for every occasion.

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Reef Men’s Phantoms Flip-Flop

Reef Phantoms

The Reef Phantoms, though not suitable for extreme activities, provide excellent value for the money and would meet your general needs. They offer good stability, stay snug on your feet, and you can expect them to last for a couple of years without wearing down. Given its price, you cannot expect its material to be as soft as the Olukai Ohana flip-flop, but it definitely provides a decent level of comfort and needs no break-in time. Even after you use these flip-flops for several months, they won’t stretch a lot, and will still provide a great fit.

When it comes to stability, the Reef Phantoms are known to perform at the top of their game; however, their traction is not as impressive. If you are looking for something stylish yet affordable and delivering good performance, the Phantoms would be a great choice because it is available in a wide range of colors and hence, you can wear it for a fun day in the city as well. Overall, Reef Phantoms would be great for walking, biking, dog walking, and other activities that don’t involve a lot of speed or adventure. At a price range of $12.46 to $49, this flip-flop is available in sixteen different color options.

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Crocs Modi Flip-Flop

Crocs Modi

The Crocs Modi flip-flop is an extremely durable, stable and versatile model. These flip-flops come with a molded footbed, supporting arches, and also provide excellent traction even in wet conditions, everything for a reasonable price. Right off the bat, you may feel a bit uncomfortable wearing this flip-flop probably because of its stiffness, which can sometimes cause blisters. But over time, the flops are most likely to loosen up, providing good level of comfort.

If you need a flip-flop mainly for wet conditions, this is the one to choose. Also, the Crocs Modi is known to be extremely durable and can last typically for years. When it comes to its style, well, this is not the best looking flip-flop model, and comes only in two color options. On the whole, the Modi is best for those of you who need traction and durability in a pair of flip-flops and nothing more.

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Freewaters Scamp Flip Flop

Freewaters Scamp

This is one of the most versatile and comfortable flip-flops on our list. At a price of just $42, this model offers great value. The midsole of this sandal is made of what they call therm-a-rest foam, offering high level of comfort. One important fact to note is that even though the material is soft and comfortable, it is not too soft to hinder your balance. You will feel great right from the very first time you wear these flip-flops, and over time, the foam will start molding to suit the shape of your feet.

Freewaters Scamp is not a flip-flop you could wear on a three mile hike. This is more suitable for short excursions, walks and hikes. Also, this flop is not as fashionable as you would want, but definitely decent looking. Despite being a light flip-flop, you can expect the Scamp to go strong even after several months of usage. The sandal is available in five different color options for you to choose from.

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Sanuk Yogi 3 Flip-Flop

Sanuk Yogi 3

If you are in need of a completely unlaxing flip-flop, the Sanuk Yogi 3 would be a great choice for you. The aspect that this sandal excels in is the level of comfort it offers. This model will totally influence your mood and help you enjoy your day, may it be a day out in the city or constant walking in your home. The soft soles are designed to mold to your feet structure instantly, and its straps are quite wide and well-cushioned. The flops are also very light in weight, thus optimizing comfort. For just around $34, the Sanuk Yogi 3 comes in four different color options, and this flip-flop is a perfect choice for those of you looking for nothing more than comfort from such product.

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Numerous models of flip-flops are being manufactured by different brands with different aspects in mind. Based on your reason to buying a flip-flop, choose a pair that is also durable, comfortable and long lasting.

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