5 Best Topwater Lures For Fishing

Topwater fishing baits make fishing exciting as you float your bait and watch your catch bite right before your eyes. The lures work best in cool or warm water and the early morning, during the calm before a storm break, or late evening. These lures come in different types, mostly dependent on the type of fish you want to catch. The major types include buzz baits, poppers, stick baits, jerk baits and prop baits. It matters little whether it’s fresh water or salty water fishing as these baits remain up to the task no matter the conditions.

Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing LuresWatch the action as the bass come to check out to the dinner bell. Rapala has the right lure for slow and fast retrieve rates. When the fish bites, the two treble hooks ensure your catch does not get away. Its weight is just right for long casting distances. Even in murky waters, the bright colours of this rattler keep it visible to the fish, and it moves like a real fish. It has a harmonic sound chamber with special BBs rattling in tune with nature and with these winning features, every fishing day turns out great for you. The fish bite as the bait sinks. This baby bass lure is perfect for fishing whether in a river or a lake with its long casting design. Even starters and children will love using them as the hooks are easy to take out. As you think of the fishing season, think of this high-performance lure for a successful season.
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Storm WildEye Swim Shad 03 Fishing Lures

Storm WildEye Swim Shad 03 Fishing LuresStorm brings you a most lifelike lure that will cruise through the water with the fish in hot pursuit for dinner. The swim shad has a deceptively soft yet strong body with bio-salt filled tails and has the brand’s characteristic WildEye unflinching stare. This bait promises longevity from the rigged needle sharp hooks which remain sharp even after considerable use. The vivid colouring is just right for both clear and dark waters, and the fish will follow the bait as it swims enticingly in a most realistic pattern. Any predatory species will find the lure of this topwater bait irresistible and will chase them tirelessly. This one will attract any hungry fish out there as you reel it in with moderate speed. They serve well in both salty and fresh water, rivers, ponds, and lakes.
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Rose Kuli 3.8″ 6 Jointed Hard Fishing Lure Bass Bait

Rose-Kuli-38-6-Jointed-Life-like-Swimbait-Hard-Fishing-Lure-Bass-Bait-0This jointed set will dazzle fish to no end as they chase it with gusto. When you choose from the minnow, pencil, poper or crankbait variety, you can consider yourself sufficiently prepped for the season. The swimbait is crafted from eco-friendly material and comes with a plastic tackle box for easy transportation and storage. It will attract fish at day and come through for you in your night fishing as it seductively flashes in the dark to bring in the big boys. The versatile and durable lure does well in different types of water and at different speeds of reeling. If you have had problems with your lures getting stuck in the weeds, this bait’s hooks are big enough to sink in the bite but small enough to escape weeds. They are such fun that you enjoy reeling them through the water even when catching nothing. The flexible body even bends like a dead fish to convince even the laziest guy to go for it.
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Livetarget Hollow Body Frog

Livetarget Hollow Body FrogThis award winning little frog is a necessity for your tackle box arsenal. If you can think of all the hassles of topwater lure; from sinking too fast, to getting trapped or clogged after a tryst in the weeds, this Livetarget is on point to handle your business. The hollow body keeps it buoyant over lily pads and weed filled areas. Now you can get the guys lurking in those marshy ponds. It’s a very easy lure to use even for amateurs and children with the easy to hook soft body. You have a real topwater lure here which remains afloat to excite all the fish under water. No disappointment awaits you anytime with this lifelike long lasting frog.
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Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure

Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing LureHere is a lure with attitude running to a depth of up to 8 feet. The rattle and Rapala drama is enough to get the fish interested even in murky water. Couple that with the bright hues and sleek darting moves and you’ll be landing a catch after a cast. With the big ones, the sharp and sturdy hooks guarantee you won’t lose your catch. The bass comes after the wounded fish hooking fish lure in no time. Don’t be surprised if you get something while testing this lure just to see how it feels in the water. The walleye and pike will gulp it up. It works exceptionally when trolling in salt waters and even catches fish in the corals, over 12 deep- perfect for excursions on the tropical paradise. You can cast further every time as the lure has weighted beads in it which gives it momentum to cover the distance.
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Any memorable fishing season only happens after adequate preparation. Stock up your tackle box with these topwater lures and bring in an envious catch after every fishing trip. Remember to get a strong line that won’t snap as you reel in as this bait will bring in some big babies. Topwater lures offer something every fisher and all situations are opportune times to land fish. Try them in marshy ponds, the open lake, rivers and streams and in the pond. Day or night, at the top or the sandy bottoms, the right topwater lure will fish out exactly what you are looking for wherever it is hiding. These lures work best for those who want to pull out a fish with every cast. Get some packs for yourself or your favourite fishing buddy.

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