5 Best Surfboard Brands that Pros Use

Brands talk. So when searching for quality, you want to hear only from a leading brand, and from reputable reviewers reporting on their experiences and results of the best boards. The best brands come through after extensive testing of products to ensure they cater for every individual need. Such brands never rest on their laurels, but continue to search for the latest technology and material research to remain steps ahead of the pack. One-size-fits-all is a no no for top companies and with surfboards, sticking with these leaders in the industry assures you amazing rides and the best deals.

Channel Islands

channel_islandsBeing in the industry since 1969 is no mean feat, and Channel Islands has made its mark in the water sport department. The company takes the prize for customizable options and recently bagged the SIMA award for Surfboard of the Year. The team riders keep on shining in the regional and international competitions with Channel Islands fun boards. Their famous Weirdo Ripper continues to ride the waves under the feet of Pro athletes and features in the WSL tours. Other top selling models in the house include the Average Joe and the New Flyer. All Channel Islands’ boards meet the cut for user-friendly features in design with a wide point forward and a square-winged swallow for a thrust and full volume for effortless paddling.

JS-Jason Stevenson

JS surfboards by Stevenson remain a respectable leader. The company’s winning strength comes from Stevenson’s background as a top Pro surfer. JS boasts at least four of its surfers winning world champions on its boards. The JS Monsta and JS Lowdown models remain undisputed favourites in the industry. Surfing diehards swear by the JS Blak Box II, an update from the initial Blak Box model. Surfers can’t get enough of these floatatious all-rounders exclusively from JS to conquer the big boys and the fun smaller waves. And with more patent pending boards in the works, JS promises not to disappoint its ardent fans with their one of a kind creations. JS offers variety in its customized models, team surfboards, youth series and a host of accessories apparel for the discerning surfer.

AJW Surfboards

ajw-surfboardsAdam J. Warden’s company, grown from his board shaping skills from the age of 14 has fully fledged into a global brand. The company works with Hydroflex 3D-Glassing to make custom boards for their clients and if you can’t find anything on the extensive AJW display, your exclusive order is no sweat for the highly qualified and experienced engineers. This brands glassing technology has the optimum strength to weight ratio to produce a light yet strong board to remain afloat over any waves. It’s no wonder that top elite surfers like Gorkin, Mason Ho and Wardo declare how stoked they are to hit the waves on an AJW. The company gets a high rating for ingenuity and innovativeness in creating futuristic sports equipment.


CannibalBehind the Cannibal brand is A.J. Finan, the head shaper. Cannibal receives praise for the Covert and Conduit models, most coveted by team riders for competition boards. The manufacturers invest in polyester or epoxy, and fibreglass to create affordable and durable boards. The materials also form a light and strong board, a chief requirement of a high performance surfboard. Cannibal continues to woo surfers across the world with their standard boards which push for acceleration. The unique shape modelled in the likeness of a bird or fish tail guarantees flexibility for ease of manoeuvring. Cannibal shapers take the time to understand a customer’s desires to create a special board for the perfect surf. Over 20 years on, Cannibal Surfboards is not slowing down on its aim for perfection.


Rusty surfboardsPopular Rusty earns accolades for surfboards shaped by hand. The boards have revolutionised the industry by bringing in the premium range of versatile boards. Rusty’s boards use the Round Tail and the Double Wing designs to make them easy to manoeuvre and to add speed to your sails. The famous boards in the Rusty line include the Zeppelin, Sista Brotha, the Panda and the Dwart and the more recent Enough Said, Heckler, Smoothie and Barking Spider. Rusty gives you state of the art boards which stand out for their beautiful artwork and to add zest to every surfing session.

Hayden shapes

Hayden shapesSince its inception in 1996, Haydenshapes Surfboards has maintained its focus and high standards in performance surfboards. Their mission to provide fun boards to revive the passion of surfing for every surfer remains alive in their great workmanship seen in their bespoke products. Hayden Cox has been quick to adopt cutting-edge board cutting designs and shaping techniques and this has seen his products become a top choice for elite surfers. Future Flex and Polyurethane-Epoxy technology, the tried and tested in the industry keep Haydenshapes holding its heading high. Hypto Krypto, a most recent creation of this brand’s surfboard models has taken the surfing world by storm. Pro surfers seek out Haydenshapes’ boards for a kick on the speed and a lightweight product to ace the competitions. This brand stands by its unique designs and for all these; elite surfers continue to beat a path to Haydenshapes’ doorstep.

Indeed, every brand approaches the market in its unique way, but all remain true to the commitment to quality products, satisfied clientele and leaving a mark in the sport. When you have compared surfboards in search for the right one for you, you need to sort facts from marketing hype. After getting past the novice aspirations that lead you to the wrong equipment, you can now have the relief of going by what the Pros recommend. Get the truth from those who ride them, review them and enlighten you on what works. Whether you are looking for a top Pro brand surfboard for an incredible ride, or you want to know which brands won’t set on the racks for eons, hit up any of these top performers in the industry to stay on top of the game.

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