5 Best Solar Pool Cover Reviews For Smart Pool Owners

Purchasing a cover for a swimming pool is a wise investment as it will help keep your pool safe, warm, and clean. When it comes to pool covers, there are a wide range of options made available to you and each type is designed and produced to serve a specific purpose. You will have to consider your requirements before choosing the best type of pool cover for your pool.

If you are looking for efficient ways to save on your energy bill, solar pool covers, otherwise known as solar blankets, are the ideal choice for you. A solar pool cover will usually look like an enormous sheet of bubble wrap, and will be left to float on the surface of the water in your pool to prevent the escape of chemicals, water, and heat. In addition, a solar pool cover also improves the absorption of solar energy and seals heat in the water to protect it. Solar pool covers are designed with the capacity of increasing a pool’s temperature to around 20oF in just a week. And when you cover your swimming pool with a solar cover whenever it is not in use, you get to save huge sums of money on heating costs.

To make your search for solar pool covers easier, we have listed and reviewed the 5 best solar pool cover available on the market today.

Blue Wave Rectangular Blanket

blue wave rectangular

If you have an eye for quality, then the Blue Wave rectangular solar blanket should be your first choice. Riveting in its reputation and reliability, it is quite obvious to see why many consumers opt for this solar pool cover over many other models in the market. This solar blanket from Blue Wave is made of a special UV resistant film that adds to its durability. The film is designed to protect the cover from harmful UV rays and also makes sure that it endures continued exposure to sunlight. The product is backed up by a five year warranty from the company. To cater homeowners with pools of different sizes, the product is offered in a wide range of sizes such as: 12 by 20 feet, 12 by 24 feet, 14 by 28 feet, 16 by 24 feet, 16 by 32 feet, 20 by 40 feet and more. So no matter what size of rectangular pool you have at home, Blue Wave has a solar pool cover designed just for you. (click here for more users…)

Midwest 12 Mil Pool Solar Cover


This pool solar cover offers great value for every buck you spend. Its accurate dimensions reflect its effectiveness, ensuring that its quality and performance is not compromised for its affordability. This translucent solar cover is blue in color and is designed to fit pools of different shapes, including oval and kidney. Its design enables it to allow the penetration of the sun’s heat into the water while also preventing escape of heat from the pool. The Midwest solar pool cover is moderately priced, but performs a lot more efficiently than many high priced alternatives. Its 7 year warranty is one of the highest in the market. (click here for more users…)

Doheny’s 8ML Solar Cover


This original solar cover manufactured by Doheny’s is made of polyethylene and contains raised air pockets that give it an appearance of a large sheet of bubble wrap. The thickness level of this solar cover makes spreading and rolling up easy. The colors of solar pool covers play a vital role when it comes to heating up the pool. Doheny’s solar cover is available in three different colors: all clear, all blue, and a shade that is 50% blue and 50% clear. The manufacturer also produces this cover in four different sizes: 5ML, 8ML, 12ML, and 16ML. (click here for more users…)

Splash Pools Oval Solar Cover

splash pools

Available in more than one basic size, the oval solar cover from Splash Pools makes your selection easier. If your pool is oddly shaped, you can choose a Splash Pools cover with the longest length and width measurements. The three sizes offered in this brand include: 24ft by 12ft, 30ft by 15ft, and 33ft by 18ft. In addition, this solar pool cover is one of the most efficient ones out there. It keeps your pool clean by eliminating dirt and debris, traps heat, and increases the temperature of your pool by 15o. It is also known to cut down evaporation greatly, and comes with a warranty period of five years. (click here for more users…)

Blue Wave Solar Blanket for Above Ground Pools

blue wave above ground

If you own an above ground pool and looking for a reliable solar cover for the same, try using the Blue Wave solar blanket. Available in different sizes, from 12 feet to 30 feet and more, this model is capable of heating up your pool to about 15o. The blanket will be big enough to cover every angle of your pool, regardless of its shape. The protective film on its surface makes it extremely resistant to UV rays, which is an important aspect for extending the service life of the cover. This durable solar blanket is backed up by a three year manufacturer warranty. (click here for more users…)

If you still don’t have a solar cover for you pool, it is about time you choose one from our list, of course for the various benefits already outlined earlier.

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