5 Best Ski Brands The Pros Trust

In the ski world, quality comes before style. When buying items that are related to skiing, it’s important to carry out research and only buy the best ski brands so that you do not end up disappointed. Inferior products can cause serious injuries due to faulty equipment. If you are not aware of a manufacturer’s credibility or their safety protocol, do not risk. As much as you may want to cut your costs, the consequences of purchasing low quality equipment can leave you with high medical bills.

The skiing sport is one that an individual has to be careful on the brand they are using, not to look stylish, but to protect themselves from the dangers of cheap equipment. Every year, companies that manufacture ski equipment will add some changes to their already existing products. These companies try to outdo each other, while the skier enjoys the benefits of the competition. This could be skiing on faster, radder and lighter equipment.

So which brands are the best and what makes them the top ski brands? Here is our list in no particular order.

Rossignol Skis

Rossignol SkisThis is a highly trusted and well-established brand. Since 1907, this ski brand has been in operation. It has its headquarters in the kernel of the French Alps. They have a loyal customer base and also own Look and Dynastar. This company seems to be leading in new innovations and technology for ski equipment.

The Air Tip Technology that comes in a honeycomb model decreases the weight of the ski by up to 20% without interfering with the strength of the 7-series. The soul 7 is the most outstanding in the series with a 106mm waist and unique side cut which makes it 4 skis in 1. The swing weight is almost zero making the ski exceptionally maneuverable.

The recent 7 series comes with 5 unique skis to select from: Soul 7, Squad 7, Sin 7, Super 7 and Smash. Rossignol is combining backcountry, freeride, big mountain and on-piste.

On the other hand, Rossignol boots have several adjustable choices for the various skier types. The sensor boots series are excellent for on-piste whereas the AllTrack ensures freeriding is solid and comfortable.


SalomonSalomon was birthed in 1947 and many people consider it to be the epicenter of the mountain experience. Salomon has several branches in mountain sports but the ski department is the center of this industry giant.

The new Quest series consists of 4 other different skis but the Q-105 is the leader. It has Utility Rocker-this is an early rise rocker that’s shared all through the line of the ski utilizing the tip more. This provides a great float without compromising on-piste edge control and hard snow performance. For ladies, Salomon has up to Q-88 which features a full wood core and a Utility Rocker. The Quest series is high innovative and technically sound.


volklVolkl has its head offices in Germany and is one of the best ski brands you can buy equipment from. The company was established in 1923 and apart from producing skis, it’s also involved in tennis. Volkl have their own ski racing team who are world cup competitors.

Although Volkl is a majorly racing based company, it produces different products that will cater for different skiers in whatever circumstances. One product from the company that was not entirely designed for racers is the Volkl Mantra, which is a highly trusted all mountain ski on the market today. Skis from Volkl are constructed with German accuracy and they are the only company in the region that develops and manufactures skis.

As a skier, you enjoy the benefit of lineage with the Volkl’s integration of functionality and fun. The V-Werks technology minimizes the entire ski’s weight by 15% and, together with the vertical sidewalls and low profile, the ski has a virtually zero swing weight. For ladies, the Adora is fast, specialized and gentle on the knees with Rocker Tip Technology for easy float.


LineSkis_LogoLine started as a park only company though it has now grown into the freeride big mountain area. It started by crafting handmade ski boards, which were extremely short hardly long enough to contain a boot and a rudimentary, non-existence release binding. Still, Line wouldn’t be what it is today if Jason Levinthal had not initially decided to create a sliding device that was simple to point both backwards and forwards. Levinthal only had to increase his platform and a ski brand joined to the twin tip was established.

The Sick Day series – a lightweight, well balanced and poppy powder ski continue the custom of playfulness and fun riding. Skis from this company are light and explosive which enables the rider to use park tricks such as butters and presses to the powder.


This was a traditionally race intended company but after years of operation, the company has moved from the race gates more into the mountain. One can as well experience the downhill speed and GS turns through the Fischer classics like the Super Race and Progressor. The huge mountain twin tips shape similarly to classic box tail.

Furthermore, the thick 120mm waist together with rocker camber allow the rider to float lightly and freely. The Motive 86 comes with a complete mountain profile and an 86mm waist giving the rider more flexibility and an out of the world ski experience. Fischers are popular for being lightweight and having a buoyant feel.

Settling on your first pair of ski is a really personal matter. Sometimes, you may have to try so many brands before you can actually find one that is ideal for you. Other times, the first brand you try will be perfect for you. Try out different brands to determine what works for you. At times, you may end up stumbling upon it by accident! Before buying a specific brand, consider where you will be going to ski, when you are going to ski and why you are going to ski.

Most skiers often fall into the trap of putting too much emphasis on the aesthetics of a product, but it’s good to bear in mind that the top ski brands will often focus on functionality and not the looks of their product.

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