5 Best Rugged Camera Reviews That You Can Drop In The Pool

A lot is going on underwater lately. From weddings and sports to groundbreaking biological and geological discoveries, rugged waterproof cameras have evolved into a state of the art gadgets with unmatched features. The cameras come handy on land when shooting in extreme conditions such as storms and winter or rain conditions. This review presents the best rugged camera that you can drop in the pool and still have them shoot perfect images when you retrieve them.

Olympus TG-4 Waterproof Digital Camera

Olympus TG-4 Waterproof Digital Camera This Olympus model is a small and light version making the gadget portable and ideal for unobtrusive shooting. They say it’s ultra-rugged: Let’s see why. You can use it in filming winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing and there are so many mounting options and it enhances your experience with the in-built GPS and e-compass. The manometer helps you monitor depth, air pressure and altitude making this camera a necessity for all your outdoor adventures. Besides, you can access the manometer, GPS and e-compass without powering on the camera and you will always know where you are even when the battery is low. Olympus built this camera with rough and tumble in mind. It has telephoto lenses and underwater fish eye that makes it suited for taking stunning shots. The waterproof works to a depth of 50 feet, shockproof up to 7 feet and can still function at 14 degrees F. Place it under 220 pounds of weight and you won’t crush this one. It connects to a tablet or Smartphone through the inbuilt Wi-Fi. This full HD offers quality with unmatched features at an affordable price.
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Nikon Coolpix S33 Compact Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix S33 Compact Digital Camera (blue)
The Coolpix is a weatherproof camera built proofed against water, cold and dust. It remains functional in extreme conditions of under 10 degrees Celsius and submerged to a depth of 10 metres. It has a child menu and is durable even when used by amateurs and younger photographers. The features include a delete lock which protects against accidental removal of pictures. All the operational icons and menus are big and clear for visibility and understanding.
The Coolpix S33has a CMOS image sensor and a NIKKOR optics sensor which combine to give exceptional images. The optical zoom enables you to bring everything into focus while the 13-megapixel image sensor and the Motion Blur Reduction allow you to take perfect videos and photos even in the thick of action. For movie recording it captures even the subtle sounds and has an instant switch over from video to pictures and back. This Nikon creation uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. You get enhanced storage space with the online storage space, and the camera is compatible with and has a slot for memory cards. Nikon goes out of their way to ensure every special moment is captured for everlasting memories.
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Panasonic DMC- TS30K LUMIX Active Lifestyle Camera

Panasonic DMC- TS30K LUMIX Active Lifestyle Tough Camera This Panasonic Lumix Active Lifestyle Tough Camera model presents to you a host of premium features for a memorable photography experience. The rugged camera is dust, water, freeze and shock proof. As you may get carried away capturing images with this one, have no worries as it has sufficient storage space in the 220 MB in-built memory. It has a built-in electronic full-colour viewfinder for natural underwater images.
The Even in the dark, your subjects get illuminated by the torch light so you never miss a beat under any conditions including night time underwater. You can take videos in MP4 format for both NTSC and PAL. The time lapse option enables you to perform stationary observation by recording a time-lapse video from the successive images.
In addition, you can format your pictures and videos with the creative panorama function with which you can add or filter effects. Its unique video capabilities feature HD and MP4 Full HD recording compatible with video editing software on the market. Much remains to be said about the Panasonic Lumix but the best experience lies in acquiring one and enjoying these and more features.
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Nikon Coolpix AW130 Waterproof Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix AW130 Waterproof Digital Camera This is a high performance waterproof digital camera, the best for capturing outdoor activities in all weather. The LCD screen and the 5x optical zoom bring to focus all you want to capture to give you high-quality shots. Enjoy sharing your exploits immediately through the NFC and Wi-Fi with their compatibility with android Smartphones.
In water, it remains waterproof to 100 feet, still serves you at temperatures as low as below 14 degrees F and remains intact even from a drop of 7 feet. It will give you 5 shots per second so you will record fast moving subjects. You will always know where you are with the electronic compass, GPS mapping and Points of Interest modes with which you can also map your shots. Try out this one for unparallel photography and video recording experience on all your adventures.
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GoPro Hero3: White Edition

GoPro Hero3 This camera is another premium ruggedized item true to GoPro standards. It captures professional videos and is Wi-Fi compatible with GoPro app available for Smartphones and tablets so you can share your footage on social media with your friends and fans. The waterproof housing keeps it safe up to 40 meters deep where you have the choice of 5MP single shots. You will not miss any of your adventure activities as you have the option of burst shots and time lapse photos. With the Wi-Fi you can control your camera remotely through your tablet or phone so that you record even the most obscure and incredible scenes. It has adhesive straps with which you can attach to your gear to record your fun activities, be it snorkelling, scuba diving or cycling. Take Hero 3 wherever you go and capture every second of your adventure.
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With that variety of powerful waterproof cameras, you only need to pick any of them to enjoy the experience. Whether you want to capture memories of your friends or loved ones, or you want to record some outdoor activity, the weather proofed cameras will ensure you never miss out on any moment even in extreme conditions. These are easy to operate and durable cameras for any user, young or experienced, built to last and bring a lot of joy.

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