5 Best pool covers you can walk on reviews

Despite the fact that most swimming pool covers appear solid, one important aspect to understand is that not all those covers are designed for you to walk on. If you have pets at your home or toddlers or small children, or if you host parties frequently which involves several people visiting your home, then the best choice for you would be to install a pool cover that can withstand a few hundred pounds. This will help you greatly in avoiding several mishaps in and around your pool.

When you are looking for pool covers that can endure weights, make sure that the feature is mentioned in the product description. This is important because there are many pool covers in the market that are advertised to be durable; remember, just the word durable doesn’t mean a cover can withstand weights of people standing or walking on it.

Types of Walk-On Pool Covers

Walk-on pool covers are basically of two different types: hard walk-on covers and mesh walk-on covers.

When it comes to hard walk-on safety covers, you are left with two options: center drain and cover pump. The former model usually comes with several drains that are designed to prevent accumulation of water. The latter model is usually automatic and is designed to clear away excess water from the surface.

Many mesh walk-on pool covers appear to be unsafe, but the fact is that many of such models are designed and manufactured to be much safer than the previous type. High quality mesh covers can easily withstand over thousand pounds. Howbeit, placing such huge weight on the covers is not always recommended, if you wish to extend its service life.

So to help you make your swimming pool safe and secure for your family and friends, here is our top picks of pool covers you can walk on fearlessly.

Our Top Picks Of 5 Best Pool Covers You Can Walk On Are…

Blue Wave In Ground Pool Safety Cover

blue wave

Operating in the pool industry for over ten years, Blue Wave is now one of the leading manufacturers of pool products in the country. With the aim of offering consumers high quality products that are designed to surpass their expectations, the company has excelled in producing walk-on pool covers of similar quality as well. The In Ground pool safety cover designed by Blue Wave is strong enough to help you protect your kids as well as pets while also securing your pool from getting contaminated by external dirt and debris. The cover comes with a Dirt Defender that is completely resilient to hold even your whole family, as claimed by the manufacturer, but is also light in weight to make it easy for you to cover your pool and remove it within a matter of minutes. This cover is available in two different sizes: 16 by 32 feet and 18 by 36 feet, so it can be accommodated on pools of varied sizes. Also, you can choose from two colors – green or blue based on your interest. (click here for more user reviews…)

Arctic Armor Safety Cover

arctic armor

This mesh walk-on pool cover from Arctic Armor is made of high quality polypropylene that has the ability to inhibit UV rays and makes this cover extremely durable. The Arctic Armor safety pool cover has break strength to endure more than 4000 lbs, and is supported by brass anchors that can enhance its looks and safety even when the cover is not being used. The pool cover can best protect your swimming pool during winter season as well. Its delicate design enables rain water to easily permeate, blocking out leaves and other debris. The manufacturer provides 12 year warranty for this cover, which makes it even more reliable. (click here for more user reviews…)

GLI Safety Pool Cover


GLI Pool Products is a company that has been constantly innovating and introducing new pool products to the industry. Their current product is this commercial grade mesh safety pool cover that is among the strongest. With break strength of over 4000 pounds, this pool cover also makes water drainage easy and keeps away leaves and debris from dirtying your pool. Backed up by 12 year warranty, the GLI walk-on pool cover is one of the affordable options available. (click here for more user reviews…)

Water Warden Mesh Safety Cover

water warden

Water Warden develops, manufactures, and sells good quality swimming pool safety products for everyday use. The mesh safety cover is known to be constructed with high quality material that competes with the quality of products from other leading manufacturers at competitive prices. Available in a whole lot of different sizes, colors and shapes, this walk-on cover model from the manufacturer offers complete pool coverage and is light in weight to make installation, removal, and storage easy. (click here for more user reviews…)

Loop Loc Safety Pool Cover

loop loc

Loop Loc walk-on safety pool cover is known to be tested and rated by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), which makes this cover one of highly durable and reliable models in the market today. The solid weave construction of this cover easily blocks away unwanted debris and also sunlight, and allows only melting snow and rain water to seep through to your pool. Designed to withstand even the weight of an elephant, this pool cover is equipped with additional straps to make the fit proper and safe. With comprehensive 15 year warranty, the Loop Loc pool cover is an ideal choice for you to protect your pets and children from drowning. (click here for more user reviews…)

Drowning is one of the common causes of children’s death around homes. Walk-on swimming pool safety covers will help you protect your kids from such misery, giving you the most needed peace of mind.

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