5 Best Places To Ski In The US

Apart from the freezing temperatures experienced during winter, it is also a time to enjoy the ice winds on the powdery surface. The steep mountains and charming terrains make the skiing lovers look forward to the next thrill. Here is a list of the five best places to have a good time on the slopes.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Situated between a national forest and Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole Resort remains isolated, and thereby it looks all natural and lovely. It has been around since the 19th Century for logging, ranching, and fur trading. The resort gives you some perfect views of the mountains, has several dozen lifts and an ambience that define the real adventure. The location is plum for some seriously icy skiing experience. Its renown Handle Bar is partly inside the hotel and partly part of the mountain.

The resort covers a total area of 2500 acres with a hundred and sixteen total runs. The longest run is 38,000 feet with the maximum uphill at 17,833ppl/hr. The runs are served by twelve lifts. Moreover, the holiday park has five terrain parks and allows the use of a snowboard. You can access Jackson Hole through Jackson Airport in New York and thirty-minute drive from the airport.

The snow collection on the resort has remained consistent over the years even with shifting weather patterns. It has good snow volume and quality for skiing. It is an awesome place for both the expert and amateur ski divers.



Just like the Jackson Hole, the Snowbird is an awesome ski destination with consistent snow harvest. It looks like a shorter version of the formers. The skiing haven is located about forty minutes’ drive from the Salt Lake airport into the lovely landscape in the small town of Alta. The destination has a maximum vertical drop of 3240 feet with the longest run being 13,200 feet. In addition, its terrain lacks the poor flat terrains that slow down the thrill of beating the icy wind at the wind.

The lovely journey to the top is served by eleven lifts. On the drop, skiers get everything they love including the favorite Poop Chute. In addition, a tunnel takes the skiers on the other side of the mountain. Its steamy tramp comes with great music and great views of the terrain for the 600-foot journey to the top.

The best time to visit the Snowbird is between January to around mid-March. During the time, the resort enjoys high volume snowfall making your skiing experience even lovelier. If you are not a professional skier, you can use less steep runs to perfect your skill.

Alta Ski Area

Alta Ski Area

Located in the skiing town of Alta, the Alta Ski area is a lovely skiing location for the whole family. The resort sits on an area of 2,200 acres. It has fifty runs served by eleven lifts. The landscape is magnificent and breathtaking. It has high volume and great terrain for that skiing experience that anyone would look for. Much of the surface has blower powder that is supported by denser snow, which gives its characteristic padding for an awesome skiing experience.

For the kids and the old, they can use about a quarter of the slopes because they are easy. Expert skiers can use a large number of difficult and intertwining runs. The lift tickets are much cheaper than the rest of the resorts with the same experience. The area around the resort offers great accommodation at pocket-friendly prices. The resort is open early in December as it receives a reliable amount of snow earlier than many other resorts.

Park City Mountain Resort

Park City Mountain Resort

Park City Mountain Resort is one of the leading skiing locations in Utah that gives the riders several options to enjoy the icy climate. Sitting on a massive 7,300 acres of land the Pack City skiing haven has 324 runs for enjoyment by the whole family. Most of the runs are intermediate slopes that are ideal for many intermediate skiers and a few easy slopes for the amateurs and small children.

The skiing destination enjoys a vertical drop of 3100 foot with a base elevation of 6900 feet. The resort sits on Thaynes Canyons giving it characteristic drops with the longest run hitting 18,480 foot. You can even use a snowboard on the terrain.

Many expert skiers love the McConkey and Jupiter lifts  that give them steeper lifts along with skiable trees. The runs are also more challenging a steeper, giving the skiers the thrill that they look for. The lifts also give you a wonderful view of Deer Valley deep Empire Canyon.



Just a one and a half-hour drive from the Reno airport, stands a massive 2,300-acre skier paradise. Kirkwood boasts of state-of-the-art and a set of lovely easy, intermediate, and difficult slopes. It has a vertical drop of about 200 feet and a base elevation of about 7800 feet. The terrain offers everything that skiers would love from sauntering or up to knee-buckling chutes. The resort has 72 runs with the longest running at 13,200 foot. It is served by fourteen lifts. The area tops in California for the snow reliability.

If you love the storm days, you may consider using the Palisades Bowl as well as Cornice Express. These two lie on the windward side where the breeze washes up the snow powder trying to force it up. The resort is about thirty miles from the nearest town that makes it much like an adventure in the wilderness. Be careful when driving during bad weather due to the likelihood of falling off the cliff. However, you can get lots of places to stay nearby for winter camping and access to hot springs.

Skiing is a lovely sport that’s highly enjoyable during the cold, foul winter weather. Prepare yourself for a skiing holiday at these destinations and many others around the USA and beyond. Get the thrill and enjoy what nature has to offer. Remember to keep warm and have the right skiing gear for a memorable experience.

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