5 Best Hot Tub Covers Reviews

Hot tub covers are important in maintaining hot tub heat, keeping off debris and providing a safety layer to prevent kids from uncontrolled use. When purchasing a new hot tub cover, lookout for a cover that will have a snug fit, insulate and have strong locking straps. There are so many other things you will need to consider before finally settling on a specific hot tub cover.
Whether you are looking to replace your already waterlogged hot tub cover or it’s the first time you are buying a spa cover, you are in the right pace. Here are the 5 best hot tub covers reviews available in the market right now.

Deluxe Hot Tub Covers -Spa Covers – Thickness is 5″

Deluxe Hot Tub Covers -Spa Covers - Thickness is 5"
The company has been in business for over 24 years and they make excellent custom made tub covers. If you in search of a made to measure cover, then this are the guys you should speak to. Ensure all your questions about measurements are answered before ordering. The company will ship to your doorstep free of charge almost everywhere. The deluxe hot tub cover has a 5″thickness making it a total compromise between the buyer and the seller. It offers excellent insulation at a lower cost. The tub cover comes with a 5 year warranty and one can order directly on their easy to navigate website. A lot of reviewers on Amazon were happy about the service offered by the manufactures of Deluxe Hot Tub Covers.
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Thickest Hot Tub Covers -Spa Covers – 6″ thick for maximum insulation

Thickest Hot Tub Covers -Spa Covers - 6" thick for maximum insulation
I highly recommend this hot tub cover as it has drastically helped in cutting my electricity bills. The thickest ultra hot tub cover is 6″ thick thus offering maximum insulation with low energy consumption. One can order for a custom made hot tub so that you get a hot tub cover that perfectly fits in your hot tub to avoid any heat losses. The best thing about the manufactures is that they will always keep you posted on the progress of your order until the day you actually receive it. Their customer service is superb. The cover is extremely light, but it provides all the benefits that come with a high quality tub cover. Furthermore, it’s Eco-friendly and comes with a 4 x 6 inch insulation and a pillow that easily runs through the entire length of the hinge. This provides complete insulation across the hinge even when the cover is lowered. The soft underside provides a light seal around the edges such that you are able to feel a negligible vacuum when you begin to lift it, but that doesn’t make it hard to open. It also comes with extras such as double Styrofoam for extra insulation and another extra thick second layer of plastic that prevents the cover from waterlogging. Overall, this is a great hot tub cover at an affordable price.
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CoverMates Rectangular Spa Cover – Cap 92W x 82D x 14H Classic Vinyl

CoverMates Rectangular Spa Cover - Cap 92W x 82D x 14H Classic Vinyl
Hot tubs can be an excellent way to relax after a tiresome day in the office or even a source of fun for you, your family and friends. However, anyone who owns a hot tub can bear me witness that using the hot tub can be an expensive affair especially if you are not careful in conserving the energy it takes to heat up. This is why a lot of people prefer using CoverMates Rectangular Spa Cover with thick, heavy foam to preserve heat and keep off unwanted guests such as dirt, leaves and other elements. However, it’s important to take care of your cover so that it can last you long enough. This cover is worth every penny spend as children can mess with it and animals can walk over it and it still maintains its quality. The elastic hems provide a secure fit. It can comfortably fit hot tubs with a size of up to 92W x 82D x 14H.
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EmpirePatio P9A16PM1 Tan Tweed 86″ Square Hot Tub Cap Cover

EmpirePatio P9A16PM1 Tan Tweed 86" Square Hot Tub Cap Cove
If your hot tub is located outdoors, then this material is what you may need to protect it from the suns hot rays. It’s constructed with strong, weather resistant 600 Denier Polyester that can withstand direct heat from the sun. It features a neutral tan patterned weave that has a dark gray pipping across the seams. Although it doesn’t appear waterproof, this is far from it. It will perfectly prevent water from getting into your tub. However, be careful when pulling it down from the hot tub as it tears easily. Has a measurement of 14″ High x 86″ Wide x 86″ Long. Bear in mind is not as efficient as the other hard cover ones, but it still functions perfectly. It’s also ideal for indoor hot tubs.
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CoverMates Round Hot Tub Cover – Cap 80DIAMETER x 14H Ultima Solution

CoverMates Round Hot Tub Cover - Cap 80DIAMETER x 14H Ultima Solution
This hot tub cover comes exactly as it is advertised. It’s simple to remove even when you are all alone. The cover is made of high quality material to be precise (premium 300D solutions dyed polyester) and has an extremely nice feel to it. It’s designed to fit up to 80 DIAMETER x 14H hot tubs. The locking drawcord system allows for a tight fit thus keeping your hot tubs energy use to the minimum. It also has an elastic hem around the bottom thus ensuring it covers every part of your hot tub. (click here for more user reviews…)

Every hot tub owner should invest in a cover for their hot tub. A hot tub cover helps in keeping the hot tub clean and also in trapping heat inside the hot tub for energy conservation. Before you buy a hot tub cover, always consider the amount of insulation it offers, type of cover and its features. The most important thing is to ensure that the hot tub cover is compatible with your hot tub model and will cater for your needs.

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