5 Best Fanny Pack Every Tourist Needs

If you grew up in the eighties, then you know fanny packs were such a big deal. Apart from carrying around small accessories, if correctly chosen, they played well in the looks department. Nowadays if you point out a fanny pack to anybody, they will probably cringe or laugh. Fanny packs (otherwise known as waist packs) don’t do well in today’s generation. They are often used by the older folks and some tourists. They are more of a fashion statement than carrying bags.

The good news is that the fanny pack has undergone remodels and redesigns creating a wider selection. Top fashion designers have also been involved in some of this redesigns. This makes them more convenient for those people who wish to carry a few small items and still look trendy.

Fanny packs are ideal for carrying small accessories since they are easily accessible when reaching for something and comfortable as compared to handbags and backpacks. You wouldn’t have anything hanging on your shoulders plus your hands will be free hence the comfort.

Here is a selection of five of the best unisex fanny packs that look fashionable.

Everest Signature Waist Pack

Everest signature

Everest brands are known for their outstanding quality. The first thing you notice about this Everest waist pack is its small form and slim design. It’s made from a strong polyester material (600D Polyester) which ensures durability. Like most waist packs, the signature waist pack is well suited with an adjustable belt for ease and comfort. The waist pack has a linear length of 19”, which allows it to fit on any waist with ease. It weighs about half a pound thus very light and doesn’t add much weight on what you may be carrying.

The waist pack comprises of two (some may have three) compartments which are a little main section and a much smaller separate compartment with a safe zipper closing for smaller sized accessories. They also come in a variety of colors.

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Travelon Anti-Theft Waist Pack

Travelon anti-theft waist packThe Travelon Anti-Theft Waist Pack is mainly made for carrying cash. That doesn’t mean you can’t carry other items inside. The only difference between this pack and the rest is the intended purpose and size. Its small size and light nature (12lbs) makes it perfect for a night out or any other casual activity.

The waist pack is made from 300T polyester which is a highly durable material. The pack’s material is fitted with a cut-proof construction and waist strap that offers additional security when using it.

It has a zippered top compartment which is the main compartment and a smaller front pocket with an attached key fastener along with LED lighting. It also comes with a front organizer pocket which can hold passports, credit cards etc. and also includes a back pocket that holds smartphones which is very easy to access. Finally the waist pack’s side is well fitted with a mesh bottle pocket making it ideal carrying all your essentials.

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Se7enline Lightweight Waist Pack

se7enline lightweightIf you like jogging or doing any casual outdoor activity in tights then you obviously know the stress of not having an easily accessible place to put your phone. This waist pack is specifically made for smartphones but still can hold one or two more items.

It also has an adjustable expandable waist strap for that comfortable fit. The strap is fitted with a strong buckle which offers stability and extra comfort.

The fanny pack is dual compacted and has a headphone entry point. The front pocket has a side opening to easily slide the phone and the hind pocket which can be used for holding credit cards, cash, passports etc.
The pack allows easy access to phone apps, answer calls, receive text messages and change of music hence touch screen compatible.

Se7enline Lightweight waist pack is made of high quality Lycra material which is sweat proof. Furthermore, it’s attached with a reflective strip to ensure traffic safety when doing those early morning or night jogs.

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Everest Multiple Pocket Waist Pack

Everest multiple pocketThe difference between the Everest multiple pocket and the Everest signature waist pack is that the signature pack is designed for sport activities while the other is made for outdoor activities. Both of these waist packs can do both activities, but it depends on the buyers preferences.

The Everest multiple waist pack is made from 600D polyester material and includes a mid-sized model with several storage compartments. It also has an adjustable belt clasp which makes it easy to fit on any waist size.

The pack’s main feature is its multiple number of compartments. It has a zip top pocket, it’s big enough to hold a phone, a water bottle, and a piece of clothing or two. There are also two small front compartments for keeping smaller items and a front compartment which is the right size for holding a cellphone.

If you love seeking adventures or are a casual traveler, then this is the right waist pack for you.

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Piel Leather Travelers Waist Bag

Piel Leather travelers fanny packJust like Everlast products, Piel is mainly known for their quality and durable merchandise, mainly because they are all made of high quality leather. This waist pack has a main pocket that has space big enough to hold a wallet, cash, credit cards and passports. It also has a zippered compartment within the main compartment for that extra security on your valuables. The easy to access back pocket makes it simple to answer your cellphone or any other items that needs urgent retrieval. The waist pack has a rear zippered pocket which is also good for security. The pack’s waist strap is well adjustable and can fit on any waist size. The strap is removable and one can use the pack as a porch bag.

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A lot of people think that fanny packs are quite old fashioned and therefore not trendy. But with a few modifications fashion becomes a cycle. That’s why outfits from the 70s or 80s have always made comebacks. The main reason for acquiring a waist pack should not be fashion, but functionality.

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