5 Best Expandable Hose For Your Garden

Expandable hoses come with many benefits when compared to regular garden hoses. Expandable hoses are excellent for people who have small spaces as they are easy to store. This makes them great options for smaller gardens or apartment terraces. An expandable hose is also light in weight than conventional hoses. They are great for families that have kids as they are easy to lift for them. The ability to store easily and lightweight features makes them the best option for most people.

Here’s a guide of the most popular selling expandable hoses.

50′ Expanding Hose, Strongest Expandable Garden Hose

50' Expanding Hose, Strongest Expandable Garden Hose

This is an extremely high quality hose that stretches like magic. If you have a triggered sprayer, this is the ideal nose for attaching it. The expandable hose can be used for spraying a yard/garden or washing the car. It expands fast without twisting since it doesn’t leak. Furthermore, one can use the expandable hose for a long time without getting tired since its lightweight and easy to maneuver. When water is turned off, the hose contracts into a small size. This takes minimal storage so even for people with small spaces, no need to worry about where to store it. To extend the life of your expandable hose, store it in shade and avoid stretching them to the limit because this can make them develop splits which cannot be repaired.

However, I have observed that if there is no maximum pressure going into the hose, it seems to shrink, pulling back the hose itself. This prevents one from just leaving the hose on a plant that’s far away.

• Sets up quick
• Made from a durable material
• Easily stores away as it will shrink to a small size
Quality brass fittings
• If the water doesn’t have intense pressure, the hose seems to shrink
• The exterior material may stay wet for quite some time
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Ohuhu 50 Feet Expandable Hose with Brass Connectors and Sprayer for Arbor Day

Ohuhu 50 Feet Garden Hose  Expandable Hose with Brass Connectors and Sprayer for Arbor Day

One great feature I love about this hose is how little it weighs and how easy it is to move around the garden even when filled with water.

The Ohuhu hose has a weight of 2lbs when empty. When filled the expandable hose increases to a full 50 feet.
It has an eight pattern watering nozzle and a washer to put in the female connector of the hose that prevents the hose from leaking at the faucet. The connector located on the other end also has a valve that turns the flow of water on and off. The brass fittings are long lasting when compared to expandable hoses with plastic connectors.
One can also use this expandable hose with attachments such as sprinklers or pressure washers as long as they meet the standards of regular operating water pressure.

The manufacturer instructs that when turning off the hose, the valve on the brass connector should be turned off first, then turn off the tap so that the hose doesn’t jump back to hit you. Drinking from this hose is not recommended.

It’s made of latex, is unleaded but does contain cadmium. However, watering edibles with this hose is okay. The hose stores easily. It can be coiled or stored hanging under a shade.

It’s important to take extra precaution when using this expandable hose. Avoid using it around thorny bushes and empty all the water when not using the hose.

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Quality Source Products 75′ Expanding Hose

Quality Source Products 75' Expanding Hose

The hose does a great job at gardening, washing the car and filling up a small inflatable tub. However, do not expect it to last long if you store it outside under direct sunlight. It stretches quite well when filled with water and one can water plants in a large garden. In addition, it doesn’t kink or twist tangle when filled with water. And you can say goodbye to leaks around plastic fittings as it’s fitted with sturdy brass ends. The brass fittings are well designed to give you exactly what you are looking for. It’s constructed with a double layer of latex core to make it stronger and lower the chances of leaking. It’s a lightweight expandable hose so no more dragging around the yard. When not in use, can be stored easily since it shrinks to a small size.

The Quality Source Products 75′ Expanding Hose, comes with a 12 month warranty, so should anything happen before that time elapses, you can replace it with a new one at no cost at all.

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50 Feet Expandable Hose, With All Heavy Brass Connectors

50 Feet Expandable Hose, With All Heavy Brass Connectors

This is an excellent expandable hose that is space efficient. The hose begins at 17 feet and expands to 50 feet when filled with water, but will collapse in seconds to 17 feet when water is drained. This hose doesn’t tangle, kink or twist and it’s extremely easy to handle and store. This is a premium quality spray nozzle with 8 easy to adjust patterns all with brass connectors that are corrosion resistant and high quality. The material used in making this expandable hose is highly durable latex with a standard water operating pressure of 43.5-87PSI/3-6Bar but can operate with water pressure of up to 145PSI/10Bar.

When it’s not in use, the GrowGreenTM expandable pipe collapses for easy storage and coils easily without twisting and kinking. This is a hose designed to last and bring life to your garden.

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75 Foot Expandable Garden Hose, Strongest Expanding Garden Hose

75 Foot Expandable Garden Hose, Strongest Expanding Garden Hose.

This is a durable hose constructed from extra thick nylon. When compared to a traditional hose, this expandable hose is way better as it shrinks when one is done using it to a size that’s easy to store. When under water pressure, it will expand from 25 feet to 75ft. Furthermore, this is a high quality hose that lasts longer. The spray nozzle comes with different settings which enable you to choose the setting that’s ideal for you. The stainless steel adjustable hose holder is easy and straightforward to install. One can use the expandable hose pipe for gardening or even cleaning their cars. The hose comes with an anti-leak warranty for 12 months on the solid brass corrosion resistant connectors.

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Tips for caring for an expandable hose

• Ensure you store your expandable hose in a dry and cool place. Exposing it to heat and direct sunlight will shorten its life.
• Running the hose at high pressures for prolonged period of time will damage it. If you have very high water pressures, you may want to lower it to a pressure that won’t damage your hose.
• Avoid pulling your expandable hose over sharp objects such as gravel or in thorny bushes. Since expandable hoses are light in weight, what this means is that they do not have general durability like regular garden hoses.
• Go for brass fitting and keep off plastic fitting for more hose durability.
• Ensure you have excellent hose washers to stop leaks.

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