5 Best Beginner Surfboards To Make Surf Easy

First time surfboarding and finding the right surfboard for practice is a challenge. You have already done some offshore practice and now you are ready to ride the waves. You want to begin surfing on the right footing.

For you to completely exploit the level at which your surfing develops, you need to choose the appropriate surfboard.
When it comes to surf learning, you can practice on any board you like but it’s safer to go for the more appropriate ones. Wrong surfboard selection is one of the most common mistakes beginners make. There are surfboards recommended for beginners. One does not use a Lamborghini or a Ferrari when learning how to drive, same thing applies to surfing.
When choosing a board as a beginner, it is always wise to go for the longer and wider surfboards. The longer and wider the board is, the higher the buoyancy thus making you last on the waves longer. This type of boards are also easy to paddle when catching a wave. Choosing a small surfboard is dangerous if you are a beginner and it also prolongs the learning part of surfing. Surf basics are better taught when using a longboard. Once you have learnt how to use a long board then you can shift to a smaller one if interested.

Here are some of the best beginner surfboards out there:

The Greco 2.0

The Greco 2.0This is one of the best foam surfboards out there if not the only best. The board is well curved on the edges and has a thickness of 3.25” therefore offering sufficient amount of buoyancy making it the best for floating. This is also the thickest board available. The board’s light weight of 10lbs (compared to other surfboards) makes it easy to carry from the car to the beach and back.

The Greco 2.0 is a safe surfboard too. The well rounded muzzle is completely foam thus lowering its injury probability. The tri fins on the bottom side of the board are also made of rounded edges to increase safety. They are also safe for children. The board is also known for its great stability due to the presence of 3 solid stringers built within the board’s body.

The board’s slick steady maneuverability makes it not only ideal for beginners, but also for pros and little kids training.
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Imagine Surf V2 Surfboard

Imagine Surf V2 SurfboardMost beginners tend to damage surfboards due to lack of experience. If you feel like you can’t prevent this from happening, this is the ideal surfboard for you. The board is made from blow molded polyethylene which is the toughest board making material in the market. You can lend it to a friend and not have to worry about it getting scratched or damaged.

The board is also very buoyant and easy to paddle. This means that it can be used not only for surfing, but for river and lake boarding as well. The surfer should feel confident in any waters with this surfboard. It’s also wide and steady, making it comfortable to use. This traits make it easier for beginners to adapt and learn faster.

The Imagine V2 Surfboard is mostly characterized by its eye-catching design and it’s available in yellow, orange and green only.
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Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board

Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf BoardFor most surf beginners, having excellent surfing skills just isn’t enough; you also want to look good doing it. If you also interested in how good you look when learning this is the board for you. Your personal style is very much depicted in the type of board you choose. The Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surfboard is the best beginner surfboard in terms of looks.

The board’s lightweight also allows you to move to where the waves are easily. The board is made of an extended polyethylene exterior that reduces sliding and adds ease in surfing. It’s also fast and precise due to the heat laminated underside. The board’s structure, shape and length makes transitioning to other boards easier. Furthermore, it is fitted with modern stringers for additional firmness.
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BZ 8' EPSThe BZ 8’ is EPS’s latest addition in the foam market. Just like the liquid shredder it also consists of a heat laminated polyethylene surface which really helps in maintaining the board’s grip. The board also boasts of having stainless steel fin bolts which are more reliable as compared to the conservative plastic caps.

It’s a tough and stable board thanks to the two resin closed poplar stringers. Furthermore, the robust identical maple wooden stringers add to its stability. The squash and tri-fin layout tail ensures that the board maintains its high efficiency. The board also comprises of tough HPDE smooth bottom and soft 8lb cell deck apertures and skin fore toughness and security.
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California Board Company 108 9ft

California Board Company 108 9ftThis California Board Company 108 9ft longboard is one of the best classic long boards in terms of quality and design. If you enjoy that old school retro look then this is the right board for you. It offers a strong and steady platform for learning.

With this board, you doesn’t have to worry about acquiring another one as you continue to improve on your surfing skills. The board has a well fabricated shape which enables it to perform as the surfer advances.

Just like the EPS boards, the surfboard is also made of heat laminated high density water-resistant EPS core added with laminated wood stringers for board firmness and reduce warping. A good quality leash and a Tri-fin system have been installed to ensure the surfer’s safety.
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Nowadays there are loads of surfboards to choose from in the surf market. Most beginners tend to go for looks first before they consider safety. Choosing the right surfboard does not only ensure your safety, but for the other surfers as well. There are tons of surf accidents every year caused by beginner ignorance. If you are new to the sport, always go for the recommended beginner surfboards.

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