5 Best Beginner Kayak You Can’t Miss

As you breathlessly cruise down the rapids or cut across the mirror-still lake surface, a good kayak is the way to feel safe and comfortable on your water sports adventure. Kayaks come in many dimensions with different features and you only need to look at this comprehensive guide for a pointer on what’s best for you. If you want to go it alone, or you think a companion would be great, choose between the one-person capacity or a more spacious beginner kayak and you can even take your pawed pal with you on the kayak excursion.

Our Top Picks Of Best Beginner Kayak Goes To…

Intex Challenger K12 Kayak

Intex-Challenger-K12When you need a fun and sporty kayak to paddle, one in which you remain visible in any water conditions, the Intex Challenger will serve you well. The attractive green color and sporty graphics make this a top choice for water rafting and it meets the approval of the US Coast Guard. Kayaking over rocks and rough waters requires a sleek craft with tough durable material to ensure your safety. Intex’s choice of super tough vinyl which withstands punctures and UV exposure and the accompanying patch repair kit make this kayak a winner for the ardent kayaking enthusiast. You have the choice of two aluminium paddles to help you navigate your way around crevices with speed and agility. It has enough space for two people and a cargo net makes it more spacious. Portability is a breeze as this model is deflatable and Intex throws in a high-performance pump for inflation. The Challenger K12 will keep you tracking for many hours with great satisfaction on your water adventures.
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Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable KayakAs you explore the scenic waterfronts, the Sea Eagle Kayak Pro version holds you and maybe one or more friends, or your dog to give you the ultimate sporty trip. You have enough space too for some handy items. To get to the water; portability is no hassle since the kayak weighs just 32 pounds and is deflatable. It will take you about 8 minutes to assemble and inflate the kayak. Unequalled durability features include the high frequency welded seam and the tough Polykrylar material, chosen and tested by the Sea Eagle technical team to give you value for your money. This NMMA Certified kayak has enhanced safety features such as the pressure gauge, repair kit, self-bailing draining and three deluxe one-way valves, including a rigid I-beam construction floor. The bespoke features rank this kayak highly for white water rafting, fishing, paddling and surfing the ocean waves. This is a durable boat which guarantees safety and comfort as you track.
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Sun Dolphin Journey Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

Sun Dolphin Journey Sit-on-top Fishing KayakThe Sun Dolphin is built for many happy and comfy fishing hours. The open cockpit eases your getting in and out of it while the paddles help you make your way around in your favourite secluded fishing spot. You enjoy the spacious sitting area with adjustable foot braces and the protective thigh protective pads. If you just want some time alone out in the waters without the hassles of a big boat, the Sun Dolphin meets your needs. The kayak characteristic small size belies its functionality and convenient features as a fishing boat. You get two flush mount fishing rod holders and an added swivel rod holder. The space has a storage compartment and the portable accessory carrier, which you can carry as a backpack or tow behind you, makes for sufficient space for your gear and your catch from the deep. Consider too the convenience of the retractable carrying handles and shock cord deck rigging to make this your favourite companion on your fishing trips.
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Coleman Quikpak

Coleman QuikpakThe Coleman Quikpak takes away all the fears and frustrations you hold in having a kayak as a beginner. You need not worry about assembling this model as it is easy to inflate and once you are through with your water activities, you find it is easy to fold and put away in its backpack. The pack’s padded shoulder straps help you carry your kayak to exclusive spots where vehicles can’t reach, and the built in handles will let you get it out of the shallow water all by yourself. The spacious interior allows you to paddle in comfort while the storage compartment is where you pack your gear and food. As you cut across the waters, the flat floor reinforced bottom will keep the boat rigid to maintain its form, which is handy when you get snagged. If you yearn for a camping fishing trip, this kayak will fulfil your desire for fun and solace on your days out in the great outdoors.
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Sun Dolphin Aruba SS Sit-in Kayak

sun dolphin Aruba SS Sit-in KayakWhen you want to sit back comfortably and draw in the peace from nature, or you want to take on an adrenaline pumping white water jaunt one of these days, the Sun Dolphin holds the key to unlocking your water enthusiast dreams. A deluxe seat, adjustable to your preferred position with a high back support makes this boat a favorite even for those recovering from chiropractic conditions. The adjustable foot braces and spacious interior add to the luxury of this 10’ kayak, all the reasons for it to be your choice sit-in kayak. Yes, it will last forever as the sturdy polyethylene body keeps it safe from punctures and UV damage. You can have your favorite items around you in the storage hatch. The kayak safely holds 250 pounds yet it weighs just 40 pounds. The lightweight and molded in carrying handles enhance its portability. Check out this versatile model for your boating, kayaking and fishing needs.
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The right kayak gives you many hours of comfort, solace and adventure. As you plan for your water exploration, sporting or fishing trips, a kayak is the way to go to look sharp and on point with your skills. Novices can take their pick among the models to ward off frustrations and risks on the water. In no time, these easy to assemble, easy to carry, and easy to paddle kayaks, easy on your pocket too will keep you looking forward to your next marine adventure.

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