10 Swimming And Pool Blogs Every Pool Owner Should Read

The internet is an important resource today. Back in the day, it would be so hard to find basic information like we are able to do now with the emergence of the internet. Sometimes the information one gets is actually too much. You don’t just want to use information from any site because anyone can create a site and brand themselves a “professional” in the area they would like to. The only shortcoming about using the internet is finding information that is relevant and accurate.

For pool owners, getting the right expert information can be difficult, but we have made this easier for you. We have compiled a list of swimming pool related websites that have user friendly features and will be great for everyone who owns a pool.

Healthy pools

If you have any questions about your water chemistry, this is a great stop over. The site offers useful tips and advice from the Water Quality & Health Council, an advisory group to the American Chemistry Council. A great feature in this site is an interactive tool that lets you compare your chlorine and pH levels to those of other pool owners all over the country.


Riverpoolandspas offers the public a lot of free information regarding their pools and installations. Even if you decide not to buy your products from them, you will still benefit from their exceptional tips and advice. They are among the top leaders in the pool industry and you will see lots of recommendations on their site from customers who are satisfied with their services.


Mike writes about what he encounters while in the job. His blog contains articles about real situations and happenings that occur while he is in the field. Rather than writing speculative articles, the blog contains real issues the writer faces while he is working. He offers in-depth description of the problem, well illustrated pictures and how he dealt with the scenarios. This is one blog every pool owners should follow for easy tips and tricks on how to deal with any pool problems.


This is a blog about a mom who was thrown into the world of swimming by her kids. She shares about her children’s interest in the sport and how she eventually joined the world of swimming. It’s a lively blog with stories that will relate to every parent. Head up there if you are a mom who is scared of water and you will realize its fun swimming.


A vital tool in the pool wizard site is the pool volume calculator. At times, you may buy a house that already has a swimming pool installed. What this means is that you naturally inherit the swimming pool and all the maintenance costs. Sometimes you may not be aware of how many gallons of water are in the pool. The volume calculator lets you select the shape of your pool, key in the measurements and then get an automatic calculation of the number of gallons. If you live out of the USA, you can also change the metric system to use your local system. It makes your work really easy.


Susan started the Swimtastic program way back in 1996. Her aim at that time was to get enough money to buy a water heater for her backyard pool. However, so many people wanted her to teach their children about swimming and she kept the program going even after purchasing the heater. She uses her blog to mainly emphasize on the importance of professionally training children swimming and using swimming pools that contain water that is child friendly.


cleanpooland spa
Robert offers expert information concerning basic swimming pool care and maintenance. For pool owners with salt water pools, this is the site to depend on for all the information you need to know about your pool. From the right filters to the common mistakes you need to avoid. He makes it possible for pool owners to have the best pool at the lowest costs where possible. He started the site after receiving too many emails from pool owners complaining of spending too much money in repairs in their swimming pools but not seeing any changes.


Arguably one of America’s largest companies in the pool industry, asppoolco has proven over the years to be a reliable resource for pool owners. Asppoolco’s blog ranges from pool care to different ways in which one can save money on their pool. Though the blog does not provide the “how’s” especially when it comes to dealing with any pool malfunctions, the blog gives an insight on the causes.


This is a pool site that helps pool owners get the most out of their pools. The team at ipoolsaz guarantees professional pool care services and they also provide some handy DIY tips for pool owners to save some money while using their pools.


Poolproducts is a manufacturer of pool products at insanely low prices while offering pool owners advice through their blog. The site contains “how to” articles and helping tips that are vital for every pool owner. The site shares information on how to construct pools, pool products, tools and equipment every pool owner should have.

Here, we aim to provide every pool owner with the best experience through information. Before you purchase any items, we recommend that you carry out enough research from as many resources as possible. We would also be glad to hear about some of your favorite swimming pool blogs that you follow and why you do.

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