10 Home And Garden (H & G) Bloggers You Should Follow In 2015

Do you have quite a green thumb? Looking for some great tips to decorate your home? Our list of 10 home and garden bloggers should be of help to you. Each of these blogs host a world of information on a wide range of home and gardening subjects so you never ever be short of inspiration. From the ideal time to plant your seeds, to some of the best interior designing tips, these blogs have it all. In addition, if you have a question that needs answering, one of these blogs is more likely to have discussed your topics already. You will also come across different fun and exciting stories, and loads of valuable information.


If you are ready to learn more about home and gardening from other individuals who have a passion same as yours, read through these 10 blogs. These bloggers are some of the best home and gardening experts by practice.

Southern Hospitality

southern hospitality

Rhoda Montgomery, the author of Southern Hospitality blog, shares her adventures on thrifty shopping, decorating within a budget, travel gardening, DIY projects, and also some great recipes. Going behind the concept that home decorating doesn’t have to be expensive at all times, Rhoda devotes effort to inspire her readers to find creativity inside them, enabling them to do unique and wonderful things. If you are someone who loves transforming old things into something you’ll love again, you’ll enjoy Rhoda’s home and garden journey.

Alternative Edenalternative edenalternative edenalternative eden

If you are just starting with gardening, the Alternative Eden blog by Mark and Gaz is completely resourceful to go through. In addition to adding contents about different plant profiles, these bloggers also include posts and pictures of the different public and private nurseries and gardens they visit during their travel. This blog is a real pleaser for garden and nature lovers and will make you spend several hours reading through.

Centsational Girl

centsational girl

Centsational Girl is a home improvement, design, and DIY projects blog, authored by Kate Riley. With her love for renovation, designing and bargain hunting, Kate shops around home improvement centers and thrift stores across the country looking to create new things from the objects she finds. She shares several tutorials, tips, and tricks on interior decorating and affordable styling, which can transform any living space into something sensational.

Life on the Balcony

life in the balcony

If you live in an apartment or condo building where there is not enough space for growing plants, container gardening is your only solution. And when it comes to container gardening, no one can explain it better than Fern Richardson, the creator of Life on the Balcony blog. She excels in creating container gardens and helping people grow plants on small patios, decks, and balconies. So, if you are interested in gardening, but have very little space to create and maintain one of your own, Fern has a lot of good tips on space saving, raising beds, and much more.

The Creativity Exchange

the creativity exchange

If you are looking for high-end design ideas for your home, that come within your budget, then Cyndy Aldred’s The Creativity Exchange has some great ideas you’ll love. With fashion/retail industry background, Cyndy has developed strong adoration for paint, design, art and DIY projects. Whether you are looking for some decorating ideas, new paint colors for your home, creative DIY projects, or recipe ideas for the season, Cyndy provides detailed instructions on everything, thus inspiring your creativity and boosting your confidence.

The Blackberry Garden

the blackberry garden

The blog’s creator, Alison Levey, lives in Leicester, UK, and is obsessed with gardening, which has made her buy a house with quite a large garden area. Most of her blog posts revolve around the progress of her garden. However, she also includes information about the different gardens she visits, plant trials, reviews of plant products, gardening courses, and reviews of gardening books. In addition, Alison also has a page dedicated to questions and answers, which contains her questions, and answers from other gardening experts.

Ask Anna

ask anna

If you love cleaning, decorating and organizing your home, join Anna Moseley, who shares the same enthusiasm, which clearly reflects on her blog, Ask Anna. Anna’s blog specializes in answering the hardest questions that her readers have pertinent to decorating, organizing and cleaning. Some of her topics, like “15 ways to organize under $15”, etc. are a lot interesting and engaging, providing you with some awesome tips on organizing within budget.



Challenged by the long and hot summers, alkaline soils, mild winters, and droughts of Texas, Pam Penick started this blog as a medium to share information and tips about drought-tolerant gardening and all other gardening information required for people living in such conditions. In addition, she also writes about gardening books, garden tours, garden designs, and anything and everything related to gardening, plants and nature.

Organise My House

organise my house

All you perfectionists out there should join Chrissy on her blog, Organise My House, to learn everything about cleaning, decluttering, organizing, doing laundry, planning and preparing meals, and other general chores. Creating a space that represents and reflects you and your family in terms of function and style is extremely important when it comes to decorating your home; in this blog, Chrissy helps you achieve exactly the same.

You Grow Girl

you grow girl

This fun-filled blog by Gayla Trail is the ideal place for all you plant lovers, gardeners, cooks, explorers, food lovers, and creators. Gayla has a modern approach to gardening, giving equal importance to art, affordability, style, as well as environment. If you are looking for some general guidelines on growing and maintenance, wish to get inspired by the passion of other gardeners like you, or to find some great recipes, visit Gayla’s blog.

Whether you are new to gardening and decorating or a seasoned vet, these are some great blogs you should subscribe to and visit often.

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