10 Best Pool Products In 2016

If you happen to own a pool in your home, may it be in-ground or above ground, you would be aware of the various pool products or equipments required to maintain your pool as good as new for years to come. All of us like it when new products and technologies emerge to make our lives and day-to-day activities even easier and better. This applies to pool products as well and the various brands in this industry have come up with a wide range of useful products to make your life easier and more fun.

The 10 best pool products we have listed here are for the year 2016 and cover almost every pool essential, from pool pumps and cleaners, to pool toys and other unique products. These products will be more than enough to make you never want to leave your backyard, and if you don’t have a pool already, this listing will make you want one.

Here is our list of the 10 best pool products in 2015.

Pool Pump

pool pump

With so many different pool pumps being offered in the market today, pool owners often get confused when it comes to choosing a reliable one for their pool. When you are looking for a best pool pump, there are two important attributes to be kept in mind: durability and power. When it comes to durability, the pool pump you choose should be made of materials that are resistant to rust and consist of other safety features as well. And in the case of power, don’t choose something just because it’s cheap; the pump you buy should be able to meet the watering needs of your pool.

If yours is an above ground pool, Hayward Power-Flo Pool Pump happens to be the best of 2015. This above ground pool pump is built to be drip proof and heat resistant. With 1.5 horsepower, the pump has seals that are doubled in size in order to extend the life of motor. The housing of this pump is corrosion proof, the pump itself requires very less maintenance, and is extremely durable.

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Automatic Pool Cleaner

pool cleaner

One of the most tedious chores for pool owners is cleaning the pool, and manual cleaning makes the job even harder making you waste your valuable time that you could otherwise spend on something important. This is where automatic pool cleaners come to your rescue. Automatic pool cleaners are available in three different types: pressure-side, suction-side, and robotic. Based on the features offered by the cleaners, you can choose a type that best suits your needs.

Our pick for the best automatic pool cleaner in 2015 is the Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Cleaner. Loaded with premium features and effective cleaning capabilities, this is one of the best robotic cleaner models you can get. All this cleaner needs is just three hours to make your pool pristine. This robotic pool cleaner from Dolphin is light in weight, easy to use and intuitive as well. Simply plug the cleaner and leave it in your pool and it will do the job for you automatically.

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Acid Reducer

acid reducer

Cyanuric acid, also known as CYA, is one of the most commonly used chemicals to prevent the loss of chlorine in pools. This stabilizer or conditioner prevents the level of chlorine in your pool from being destroyed by the UV rays of the sun. However, it is crucial that the amount of this acid in pool is just right. If there is too much CYA, it would blend with chlorine and bring down its ability to prevent algae and kill bacteria and other organisms.

One effective solution to this issue is the Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer, which was introduced very recently. This product uses a biological process to reduce the level of CYA in your pool, without leaving behind harsh residual chemicals. It is known to be all-natural, nonpolluting, non-allergenic, and nontoxic. Since the product is new to the market, there are not sufficient reviews about its effectiveness. However, from the few reviews of users it is pretty evident that the acid reducer works quite well.


pool railings

Pool railings are an essential part of any pool, but happen to be an often overlooked aspect among pool owners. In addition to being a great safety feature for your pool, protecting your children and pet from unexpected pool accidents, pool railings also make your pool more attractive and professional-looking.

One of the best options for pool railings that we came across in 2015 was the custom rails from Pentair. Already famous for its wide range of pool product offerings, Pentair Commercial Aquatics also offers an exclusive line of custom made, stainless steel pool railings that are designed to be resistant to corrosion and can meet any of your requirements. These custom railings can be utilized for any application you can possibly think of, from pool stairs, diving towers, and deck guards, to ADA compliant and pool entry. There is also readily available design and engineering support from Pentair.

Floating Pool Speaker

pool speaker

Pool toys have been popular recently and one such incredible toy is floating pool speakers. After all, there is nothing more exciting than listening to your favorite music while swimming in your pool. The uniqueness of these speakers lies in the fact that they are designed to easily float on water, playing audio by connecting with your audio device via Bluetooth. And of course, the speakers are waterproof and intrusion of water into the device is prevented in all possible ways.

The Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is our choice from the different models that were available in 2015. This is one of the most advanced models and comes with a lot of unique features. The construction of this floating speaker is of excellent quality, with waterproof seals everywhere to keep the batteries, light, and controls dry at all times. The device runs on six AA batteries and delivers crystal clear music with decent bass response considering its price range.

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Pool Stool

pool stool

This is another unique yet useful product that was popular last year. If you have been looking for a good, reliable seating for your pool, then this product is something you’ll love. With The Pool Stool from Envy Pool Products, you can easily create an excellent swim up bar right in your pool without having to commit to or invest in a permanent seating structure that can hinder your swimming experience in general. These stools can be submerged in your pool and its height can be adjusted from 24 to 33 inches. It comes with an LED that can be recharged, which basically lights up the stool for use at nights. The Pool Stool is designed to be salt, chlorine and UV resistant as well. All you need to do is charge it once and it will last for up to 12 hours.

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Disinfectant System

disinfectant system

No one likes to swim in a pool full of algae and other minute disease-causing organisms. Proper sanitation of your pool is essential to maintain the cleanliness and clarity of water and to remain protected against the various waterborne diseases. Regardless of how the contaminants in your swimming pool are introduced, the HydroRite UVO3 disinfectant system from the famous brand Hayward will help get rid of those effectively. The system is known to deliver three effective disinfectants, ozone, UV and advanced antioxidants, that work together to eliminate over 99.9 percent harmful microorganisms from your pool, making it pristine. Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, this product is a must have in all homes with pools.

Chaise Lounger

chaise lounge

When you have a pool, it is vital that there is an outdoor lounger in your home that enables you to spend some time relaxing near your pool. It happens to be a perfect and comfortable way to get some rays from the sun. If you or any of your family members love reading, a chaise longer would be a perfect setting to read a favorite book or magazine, sipping a favorite cocktail and watching your kids play in the pool. What if there is an option that can be used both on the patio as well as in water? The Terra Sol Sonoma Chaise Lounge offers you exactly that. Made of solid foam, this armless lounge chair is suitable for use during all weather conditions and works both as a patio lounger as well as a pool lounger. And when you think you’ve had enough time under the sun, you can just fold it up and store it wherever you want. (click here for more user reviews…)

Pool Cover Pump

pool cover pump

Pool cover pumps are essential to remove all accumulated water from pool pump covers in a reasonable amount of time. These pumps can be used both in above ground as well as in ground pools. This is perhaps the best available solution for the removal of water from pool covers without damaging or ripping it off due to the weight of water.

The Little Giant Pool Cover Pump is one of the best models made available in 2015. Ideal for small and medium sized pools, this pump does an excellent job in removing water even from smaller areas that otherwise cannot be reached or cleared by manual pumps. Little Giant pool cover pumps are generally known to work well for pool covers that normally accumulate more leaves and debris than usual. This model, particularly, is known to be much quieter than many other pool cover pumps available in the market today. The pump is also extremely affordable, thus making it a good option for those of you under a budget.

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Inflatable Lounge

inflatable lounge

Once again a fun addition to your pool, an inflatable lounge is a pool product every pool owner should have. Whether you like relaxing in your pool, spending time with your kids, or having a pool party with friends and family, the Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge will be a perfect addition to your pool, enabling you and others have a wonderful time relaxing on water and enjoying the sun. The sun shade that comes with this lounge can be detached as per your preference and there are also two cup holders in-built so you can have your martini nearby.

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There you go, our list of 10 best pool products in 2016. Each of the products mentioned above is unique in its own right and can help you in maintaining your pool and having fun in it whenever you desire.

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